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NSA. Palmer tells PMHC to prepare a statement for the press to be presented during the next episode…I mean, "in the next hour," and to find Armus. He goes into a conference room filled with molded fiberglass Eames chairs that aren't even available on DWR. Seriously, I used to make jokes about Eames furniture last season even though they didn't really have real Eames chairs on any of the sets, and now NSA is like a MoMA Eames retrospective. Lady Mac is pouring herself a cup of coffee from a white decanter inside the conference room. Palmer admits that it was Armus who let Wieland out. Lady Mac is shocked. "Armus doesn't have his own agenda. He must be working for someone else," she says. Whatever that means. What would Armus's "own agenda" be, exactly, if he's not working for someone else? Better working conditions for Secret Service goons? More flattering flak jackets? And what is up with the drinking of coffee and the speculation about who people are secretly "working for" on this show? Anyway, Palmer apologizes for "jumping to the wrong conclusion." Lady Mac accepts the apology gracefully. "I don't expect you to change your attitude towards me overnight." Well, actually, Lady Mac, Palmer hasn't had a "night" to change his attitude. Or have you forgotten that this show is in real time and you've really only been on speaking terms with your ex-husband for a couple of hours? She asks Palmer what he plans to do about Wieland now that the cat is out of the bag. Palmer has no idea. He supposes he'll have to attack Wieland's credibility or something. Lady Mac suggests that he just tell the truth. "It's what you do best," she says, referring to the way he handled the Theo situation. "You've earned the public's trust," she says. "Just use it." Ominous music creeps in. Palmer gets this weird look on his face. What's his problem? Lady Mac is actually making sense! Palmer explains that he doesn't know if Lady Mac has really changed, or if she's "just gotten better at pretending."

PMHC enters again to inform Palmer about Flight 69 going down. Palmer leaves the room almost in tears. Lady Mac and PMHC exchange some ambiguo-glances. Is that all you're going to say to me, Mike Novick? Can't you see me here behind the glass of the television? Are you ignoring me now? Was I too much for you? Did you get scared? Never mind. Run back to your wife, Mike Novick. I knew we didn't have a chance in hell. Enjoy the rest of your sad existence. But if you change your mind, I'll be waiting here like Uma Thurman in Hysterical Blindness, nursing my pain with screwdrivers, degrading one-night stands, and the music of Pat Benatar.

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