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So then Mason enters the interrogation room, where Reza and Papa Crew are indeed together and have had ample time to work out a story. Mason interrogates them about knowing Syed Ali, and roughs up Reza. He tells them about the B-O-M-B and about an invoice they found made out to Syed Ali from the Crew company. "One of you is lying right now," says Mason. "Whoever talks first gets immunity." Mason leaves the room to let them think about that.

Meanwhile, the Teen Twosome are still hanging out at the police station. Enricky is bugging out about the fact that they haven't been released yet. OfficerWithSpeakingPart comes in to inform them that the captain has overruled CTU, and has decided to take them both to central booking before anyone from CTU can pick them up. Enricky is all, "What did I tell you?" Spawn is all, "We told you why we can't go back to L.A.," and PWSP reveals that he's had a change of heart. Last week…I mean, "a few minutes ago," he knew Spawn was telling the truth. Now he's brushing her off since there's been no official report about a B-O-M-B or whatever. Uh, didn't Ron Wieland just tell the world that the president is covering up a potential terrorist attack? Whatever, PWSP. "As soon as my dad finds out, he'll fix things," says Spawn. "No offense," says Enricky, "but you were right when you said how messed up he is." Um, the police found a dead body in a car they stole, and Kiefer is messed up because they haven't been released yet? Whatever. Spawn explains that she only proclaimed that her father was messed up because she was angry and blamed him for what happened to her mom. "It wasn't his fault and he did the best that he could. It all just turned out wrong." And hopefully, by "turned out wrong," Spawn is referring to sneaking out, getting kidnapped, getting her mom raped, and then winding up in jail because she was macking on the guy who kidnapped her.

Back in the interrogation room, Reza starts to freak out. "How can they keep us he-ah without letting us see a lah-yah," he says. Papa Crew assures Reza that they will be framed for this no matter what happens. Reza starts to ask Papa Crew what he's hiding, since he was the one who authorized the payment to Syed. Meanwhile, Mason and Soul Patch are listening in on their conversation, and they're analyzing what they're saying through this Whatever lie detection software that measures the frequency of their voices or something. Apparently, Papa Crew's frequencies are "all over the place," while Reza's are "even." Even though the naked ear would say otherwise. Jeez, this office has everything. Who farted in the elevator this morning? Bitchelle will just log onto her handy-dandy odor-analysis program, analyze the methane, and do a cross-check with the DNA of every CTU employee. Who's been downloading porn from the internet? Bitchelle will just log onto a database that gives the sexual preferences of every single person ever. Since only three CTU employees are into "lactating mama" porn, it should be easy to single someone out. Who keeps leaving nasty Chinese takeout in the office fridge? Just do a cross-reference of phone calls made to Chinese delivery services within the last week, the MSG levels of every single employee, and the surveillance tapes from the cameras stationed in the CTU kitchenette. Oh, and I just thought I'd mention that Reza's package is totally perking through his trousers and making shadows across his legs. Reza asks about Papa Crew's involvement with the CIA, which Papa Crew tries to downplay. "I'm thinking that all of your generosity and acceptance is just a load of crap," says Reza. Papa Crew tells him to shut up. Uh, yeah, shut up, Reza. Like, hasn't it occurred to you that they're listening to this conversation? It's the CIA! How stupid are you? Finally, Reza notices a camera. He addresses it and tells Mason and Soul Patch that he can prove the authorization came from Papa Crew's computer. Papa Crew lunges at him to keep him from talking. ["And way to play it cool yourself, there, Papa. Not." -- Sars] A guard comes in and breaks them up. Mason and Soul Patch come in to take Reza to Crew and Co. to look at the computer or whatever. "I'm not taking the foh-all feh you, Bob," says Reza. The time is 04:23:51.

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