Day 2: 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM

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Sisters in disguise

Back at the mosque, Kiefer briefs the men on how to proceed. Kiefer and a hajib-less Cate are going to cover the main entrance. When the prayer service ends and Syed Ali leaves the building, Cate will tell Kiefer, and Kiefer will signal HotGuyFromAngel, who will signal the CTU agents to go in and capture Syed. HotGuyFromAngle reminds everyone to hold their fire, or, failing that, only shoot to wound. And because this is 24, you just know that this raid will go exactly as planned. No one will die needlessly, et cetera. I'm so sure. Kiefer koncludes by reminding everyone that they "can't afford any mistakes." The snipers take their places. Kiefer and Cate find a vantage point where Cate can observe the entrance. As Cate zips up her borrowed CTU tracksuit, which just happens to fit her body perfectly, Kiefer commends her for her bravery back inside the yoga studio. Cate girlishly protests, but Kiefer insists that she's doing "great." The prayer service lets out in seventeen minutes. Got that? Seventeen minutes until the raid on this mosque is carried out without a single hitch. Can't wait.

Back in the woods, Spawn is still wandering around trying to remain out of sight. She's not running much, though. She hears a twig snap in the distance. It's a cougar. No, I swear. I didn't make that up. Spawn is now running from a wild animal. Who thought this up? Spawn runs. She keeps running. Then she runs some more. Eventually her ankle gets caught in a snare trap. She falls to the ground and tries desperately to free herself, but she can't. The cougar appears just in time to see his immobilized prey lying helpless on a rock. The time is 06:36:49 PM.

The time is 06:41:08 PM. Klockwise from the top left, Spawn stares down the cougar, CTU agents wait for prayers to end, and Palmer drives somewhere in a jeep. A convoy of jeeps transports Palmer to his vacation retreat, where he meets with a Secret Service agent. "You wanted to see me sir?" says the agent, whose name is Simmons. All of a sudden, there's this jump cut. The other Secret Service men have vanished into thin air, and Palmer and Simmons are alone on this wooden bridge at the base of a pond. Hey, remember real time? I'm not going to complain too much about how it takes fifteen minutes to get anywhere in L.A. by car, but I'm also not going to resist snarking on the fact that Palmer and Simmons just violated laws of space and time. Palmer and Simmons have an expository conversation establishing the fact that Simmons served on some special ops unit out of Fort Myerson and, like Kiefer, basically knows his way around a towel, if you catch my drift. Palmer asks Simmons to act outside of his duties for the Secret Service. Under direct orders from Palmer, he is to "extract information" from Yulin. "If he resists," says Simmons, "how far am I allowed to go?" "Whatever you need to do," says Palmer.

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