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Back at NSA, Rolaide is filling Palmer in on the latest news from Norton Airfield: Kiefer is going to be clashing with the Coral Snakes. "This cannot possibly have a good outcome," says Rolaide. "We've got two highly trained American military groups about to face off." Palmer assures her that Kiefer and his velvety voice are going to make everything all right for democracy. PMHC enters to tell Palmer that intelligence discovered a covert link between Yulin and a senator from Michigan named Gluck. Um, could you stop with the unseen political figures, please? I'm getting whiplash keeping the names straight without faces to match them up to. Palmer says that since Lady Mac is chummy with Gluck, they should bring her in and give her access to the O.C.'s secure databases. In one of those classic seventies sitcom moments, Rolaide and PMHC are thisclose to warning Palmer about Lady Mac's involvement with Yulin, but Palmer cuts them off before they can say anything and orders them to do what he's asked.

Back at CTU, Panama Hack is trying to get more of that number off of the sooty piece of paper. Soul Patch asks him what's taking so long. Panama Hack explains to him that there's barely anything there, but he'll get something eventually. Does it matter? Can't they just go down to Norton Airfield and look for a plane with a bomb on it? Bitchelle and Soul Patch then run into each other on the floor and have a meeting/foreplay session. Bitchelle is concerned that Division is interfering with their investigation, but Soul Patch doesn't think there's anything to worry about…except for the fact that they're probably going to pull Mason from the investigation once they realize how sick he is.

Norton Airfield. Goodrich and Kiefer have found a set of footprints left by military-issue combat boots. They deduce that the Coral Snakes must be inside because there are no footprints leading out. Kiefer, moving all slick-Kiefa-style, follows the footprints to a fuel depot which resembles the set of Aliens with all this aluminum grating and sinister-looking nooks and crannies. With a nod and a dog-like pant, he gives the go-ahead to his team to break into the building. Kiefer is the first in. He executes a series of Kabuki moves and hand signals to verify that no one is lying in ambush. Once everyone is inside, they go up some stairs and discover the dead bodies of several Coral Snakes -- with their trademark tattoos. Apparently they've all been shot execution-style. "If these guys are dead," asks Goodrich, "who's tracking the bomb?" The time is 08:24:16 PM.

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