Day 2: 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM

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Oh, Kevin Spacey, I will do anything…anything to pass your class. I'll even put on a gown and pretend to be your date for the Academy Awards when you're not nominated for your steroidal performance in this piece of crap called The Life of David Gale.

The time is 08:28:42 PM. Klockwise from the top left, Mason adjusts the bandages on his arm again, Cate waits for Kiefer in the "secured area," and a small aircraft is poised for takeoff at Norton Airfield. At CTU, Brad Hammond from Division has arrived. Up in the old Kiefer Kube, Mason covers up his scaly-looking arm some more and puts his jacket on over the bandage. He is in pain. Meanwhile, Soul Patch and Bitchelle are playing Gopher and Vicki to Brad Hammond, a poor man's William Petersen, by showing him around the good ship CTU. PMWP points out that they have the same data at Division, where they should now be running the operation. Hey, if Division is so great, how come they didn't bomb that building? Bitchelle argues that their investigation is about more than data. Their personnel, she insists, are more qualified than anyone at Division. PMWP gives the orders for everyone to relocate to Division anyway. "What, and waste an hour and a half on transportation and set-up with a nuclear bomb ticking away?" says Mason, entering in the nick of time. PMWP says a warm manly "hello" to Mason -- clapping the arm with the sores on it -- and remarks that he's heard rumors that Mason's "not feeling well." Mason shrugs it off and demands that they keep going at CTU since, he argues, the systems in the office are now exceeding performance levels even though the building is falling down around them. For some reason this placates PMWP and stops him from moving the operation. On his way back up to the old Kiefer Kube, Mason checks his arm. Blood is seeping out and staining his jacket.

Back at the cabin, dinner is over and the Lonnie-bomber is ready to show Spawn his secret. He leads her down a spiral staircase and shows her a bomb shelter that he built himself and stocked with several utility shelving units from the Hold Everything catalog. "You could survive down here for a pretty long time," he explains, showing her his state-of-the-art coffee-making equipment and his Argentinean coffee beans. However, Spawn wakes up and smells some coffee of her own when she spots a large arsenal of weapons and ammo stored there as well. She panics and runs upstairs. When Lonnie runs up after her, he finds that she's still in the house, sitting on the couch. She is worse than one of those horror movie victims that runs at the rate of two feet per minute from a knife-wielding killer. She explains that the she was feeling "a little claustrophobic," and got a little freaked out by the guns too. Lonnie argues that it's people like him who will survive a nuclear attack. Spawn apologizes and insists that she needs to go be with her Aunt Carol. Lonnie is all, "Whatever."

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