Day 2: 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM

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Kiefer Underkover

Back at the Rough Trade Auto Shop, Eddie has gone to get Joe, so Kiefer and Krispin kontinue to klash. Kiefer tries to help Krispin wire the explosive device that he's working on, making suggestions about the "tightening the fuse" and whatnot, but Krispin tells him to get lost. Eddie returns and restores the peace. He takes Kiefer aside and tells him that Joe's too busy to see him. "Come back again tomorrow," says Eddie. Obviously that's too late for Kiefer, so he begs to see Joe for five minutes. Eddie explains that he and the junkyard boys are doing something important that day and really can't be bothered. Kiefer accepts this and promises to come back tomorrow. He gets into the Kiefmobile and makes a cell phone call to Mason, advising him that the junkyard boys are putting together a bomb and therefore involved. He suggests having CTU detain them. Mason is reluctant to do so, because he wants Kiefer to see Wald and have Wald lead them to the Second Wave. A raid, according to Mason, would prevent that from happening. Kiefer hangs up with Mason and fakes having car trouble while he surreptitiously watches the junkyard gang load up a van. Krispin watches Kiefer watch the junkyard boys load up the van.

Ye Olde Kiefer Kube. Mason sits down at his computer and checks out a highly confidential report about the probability of the terrorist bomb actually detonating. According to this report, the chances are really high: 89-93 percent. That's, like, the effectiveness rate of condoms with spermicide. And where do they get these "odds," anyway? Vegas? Can they get Academy Award predictions too? I guess this news freaks Mason out, because they show a huge close-up of one of his eyes for about ten minutes, and then he packs up his briefcase, logs off his computer, leaves his office, and heads for the front exit. On his way out, Soul Patch stops him to ask him where he's going. Ah, yes, good old nosy Soul Patch. That's the Soul Patch we fell in love with during the first season. Mason lies and claims that he's checking out something in Bakersfield himself, since they've got a shortage of field agents. Soul Patch accuses Mason of sleeping with Kiefer. Oh, wait -- wrong season, wrong character. Soul Patch accuses Mason of looking to get out of the blast radius. "Who the hell do you think you are," says Mason. "Do you have access to my information?" Soul Patch replies that he doesn't have such access. "Then shut up and do your job," says Mason. Oh, where were you last season, Mason? He exits the building as Darlene and Nina 2.0 each give the camera ambigu-gazes. The time is 09:36:23 AM.

The time is 09:40:48 AM. Klockwise from the top left, Palmer does some presidential office work, JonBenet adjusts to life on the run, and Kiefer looks under the hood of the Kiefmobile. The girls have a new hiding place. They are now behind a large pile of empty boxes. Okay, you know how they have those play centers for kids where you can horse around in a giant pool filled with ping-pong balls? Well, I guess in poorer neighborhoods, the kids have to amuse themselves in a pool full of empty cardboard boxes like this one. JonBenet's head hurts. She's tired of running. DaddyStopTouchingMe's Ford Thunderbird cruises past them. Spawn wants to find a phone and call the police, but JonBenet insists that she can't move. Spawn tells JonBenet to wait there while she calls 911. "Do you promise to wait here?" asks Spawn. JonBenet promises. Oh, yeah, that's like the line "I'll be right back" in horror films. There's no way JonBenet is going to be there when Spawn gets back. Nevertheless, Spawn piles a bunch of boxes on top of JonBenet to hide her from DaddyStopTouchingMe, and reminds her yet again to stay put. Yeah, that'll happen.

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