Day 2: 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM

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Kiefer Underkover

Back at Rough Trade Auto Body, Eddie approaches Kiefer and offers him a job for the day. Now that Krispin has a broken ankle, they're short a man. Kiefer wants $1,000. Eddie doesn't think he should be paid, considering what he did to Krispin. He offers to keep Kiefer's assault on Krispin a secret from Joe Wald as compensation. Kiefer accepts, on the condition that he meet with Joe. "What's the job?" asks Kiefer. "You're going to like it," says Eddie.

Meanwhile, back at the Po Ho dumpster, Spawn breathlessly approaches the place where she stashed JonBenet. She shoves all of the cardboard boxes aside, but JonBenet is nowhere to be found. Like we didn't see that coming. Spawn panics and throws boxes everywhere. The screen splits to reveal Palmer deep in thought, PressToad alone in a locked room under surveillance, and lastly, the blonde sisters having an International Foods Coffee moment while looking at a photo album.

The junkyard gang plus their newest member, Kiefer, is right on schedule in their van headed for destinations unknown. Kiefer asks where they're going. Eddie explains that they're headed for West L.A. to blow up a government building. "Which building?" asks Kiefer. "They call it the L.A. Counter Terrorist Unit…the CTU," says Eddie. Kiefer remains in character and grins with anticipation. Then he puts his sunglasses back on. The time is 09:59:58…09:59:59…10:00:00 AM.

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