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Guardian Angel

10:32:02. The Patchmobile is on its way to the rendezvous. Kiefer, in the back seat, is on the phone coordinating the operation with Special Agent Charlie Brown. They have a thirty-second response time on air support, as if they're going to need that. Kiefer rings off. Spawnders pipes up, wondering if her dad is really willing to release the virus all over the country. Soul Patch lets Kiefer field that one. He thinks Saunders will do it if they don't stop him. When Spawnders asks why, Kiefer says her father has changed since she worked with him, and he believes America's government has betrayed him. Spawnders asks if he's right, and Kiefer doesn't have a yes/no answer. There's jibber-jabber about sacrifices, and I start to wonder if the Camdens are missing their theme mallet yet.

Outside Bitchelle's room, Poor Man's Will Sasso reacts unsympathetically to Bitchelle's sudden wails of despair. Of course, Poor Man's Will Sasso doesn't know what we know, viz: that Bitchelle doesn't wail in despair, so he goes into the room to shut her up. She turns to him, blood pouring from her nose. Oh, no! Bitchelle's been infected! Oh, no! She shambles towards Poor Man's Will Sasso like a Scooby-Doo ghost and he retreats in panic, not noticing that she's blocked the…the…you know the hole in the door frame that the latch goes in? She's blocked it while he was staring at her bloody face. And wrecked my flow in the process. But guess what she used? The duct tape that they used to cover her mouth! That's excellent. Anyway, Poor Man's Will Sasso, not realizing that the door lock hasn't engaged, gets Saunders on the blower to report on this new development. Saunders points out that they wouldn't have released her if they hadn't tested her and found her clean, which may tell us something about where he's not getting his information from, at least. Saunders says it's a trick, and what do you know? Suddenly Bitchelle is right behind Poor Man's Will Sasso and he's got a fresh brick-print on the back of his head. Bitchelle takes the gun and the cell phone off his unconscious body as Saunders barks, "Kevin!" over the line.

You know, one thing I like about this show is how nearly everybody calls everybody else by their first names. You'd expect TV characters in paramilitary organizations or terrorist cells to use code names or last names, to, I don't know, convey seriousness or something. But with these people it's just like any other workplace, and so you get evil henchmen named "Kevin." It just rings true to me in an interesting way. Oh, sorry, Bitchelle, did I interrupt your exciting chase scene? Did I wreck your flow? How do you like it?

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