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Koo Koo Ka Choo, Mrs. Milliken

Bitchelle exits, and Soul Patch follows her out onto the floor and stops at Spawn's desk, where Spawn is working all by herself -- like the kid with learning disabilities who has to have her own special tutor. You'd think that Soul Patch might be coming over to confront her about her accusations of his incompetence, but that seems to be all but forgotten. "We've found your father," says Soul Patch. "He's undercover with the Salazars. He's fine." Spawn breathes a sigh of relief like she just found out that Domino's will make an exception and deliver them a pizza that's half veggie and half Hawaiian. What she really wants to know about is her boyfriend. Soul Patch tells her that Special Agent Charlie Brown been captured. "Capturedisheokay?" asks Spawn. You know, Elisha? Commas and other punctuation, such as question marks and exclamation points, are usually an indication that you are to pause briefly in the middle of a sentence. What you really should be saying is, "Captured? [short pause] Is he okay?" You're welcome. Soul Patch can only tell Spawn that Charlie is alive, but the Salazars are "holding him." "What do you mean by 'holding him'?" asks Spawn. It means they're all giving him a big hug to welcome him to Mexico, Spawn -- what the fuck do you think it means? Soul Patch explains that they are probably interrogating him. Spawn's attention drifts to her computer screen, as though maybe a picture of a really cute puppy came up on her web browser. She turns back to Soul Patch, who is now probably thinking that she really is retarded, and thanks him for "not keeping" the news from her. He pauses at her desk some more. "Do you need anything else?" asks Spawn. "No," says Soul Patch. "Just making sure you're okay." As Soul Patch walks away from Spawn's desk, Bitchelle comes up behind him. "Did you tell her?" she asks. Soul Patch confirms that he told her about Special Agent Charlie Brown, but not Nina. "She doesn't need to know about that now."

Casa Abandoñito. The jeep containing Kiefer, Hector, and Hartmano pulls up to their temporary quarters. The men get out, and Hartmano asks Kiefer how long it will take for Crystal Gael to trace Amador's phone. Kiefer says that the trace will take ten minutes. Hartmano then tells Hector to call their "client" and tell them there's going to be a delay. Everyone splits up to go do whatever it is they have to do. Little Sergio emerges from inside Casa Abandoñito and catches up with Hector. "My sister says we're going," says Sergio. "She says she's taking me and my father away from here." Can I just ask what is up with people under the age of 21 in the 24-verse? They're all really dumb. Like, "box of rocks" dumb. And if they're not really dumb, they're really inconvenient…like Sergio is, right now. Like, I realize that Hector taught you how to shoot a gun a few hours ago and everything, but did you have to rat out your sister? Anyway, Hector is all, "Did she say when this would happen?" "Soon," answers Sergio. "But I don't want to leave you, Hector!" Hector promises Hector he'll never let that happen. He sends him back to bed and tells him not to mention this to anyone else.

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