Day 3: 10:00 PM – 11:00 PM

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Koo Koo Ka Choo, Mrs. Milliken

Back at Division, Brother Palmer enters and breaks the news to Palmer about his unsuccessful attempt to get Mrs. Milliken's help. Brother Palmer offers to resign again. "This is my mess," he says. "I'll take the heat." Palmer insists that he won't let Milliken pull his strings. "I've been doing some thinking," says Palmer. "There is an alternative." According to Palmer, if Milliken wants to play dirty, he will have to lower himself to Milliken's level. "By doing what?" asks Brother Palmer. Palmer asks Brother Palmer to leave the room for a moment, picks up the phone, and makes a call. Lady Mac answers, wearing a peignoir set and some nasty bangs. "Sherry?" he says. "I need your help."

The screen splits into fourths. Klockwise from the top left, a chopper picks up Special Agent Charlie Brown and Angelina's family, Lady Mac prepares to meet with Palmer, Spawn stares at her computer, and Hartmano watches Kiefer and Nina from the car. Back inside the church, Nina has just gotten confirmation over the phone that Kiefer did indeed break Hartmano out of prison. "I'm not that man you knew before," says Kiefer. "I don't know about that," says Nina, kneeling down in front of Kiefer and putting her hands on his velvet thighs. "But for twenty million dollars, I can keep an open mind." She asks him if he's going to be able to forgive her for killing Bride. "If I wanted revenge, I would have killed you already," says Kiefer. "All I want to do is finish this deal and disappear for good." "Convince me," says Nina. They make out. The time is 10:59:58…10:59:59…11:00:00 PM.

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