Day 3: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

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Low Noon

Brother Palmer and Foxton are still stewing in the car outside Lady Mac's beach house, commenting that she's taking her time leaving so she can keep the President waiting. It's 11:23:42. Brother Palmer's cell phone rings; it's Julia Milliken. Oh, Brother Palmer. When will you learn that caller ID is your friend? Julia is all in a tizzy because the police are coming to arrest her in her husband's death. The police are buying Lady Mac's story. I guess they'll believe whoever the President of the United States is backing up. Must be nice to live in that world. Foxton taps Brother Palmer on the arm and points at the house; Lady Mac is finally leaving. Meanwhile, we're supposed to believe that Brother Palmer is torn between his duty to his brother and his feelings for Julia, but all I'm picking up on is his desire to wrap up the phone call so he can get down to breaking and entering. Or maybe he's just pained at seeing Gina Torres reduced to this kind of pathetic begging. I know I am. By now, Lady Mac is out of sight and Foxton is outside the car, waiting for Brother Palmer. He finally hangs up and heads across the street with Foxton, jacket in hand. What, he's worried that the walk back to the car after ransacking his ex-sister-in-law's house is going to be nippy? We get a brief cut back to poor, hung-up-on Julia, clearly getting a terrible idea. Back at the house, Foxton is executing Brother Palmer's terrible idea, getting them through the front door with little difficulty. As they walk in, donning rubber gloves, Brother Palmer comments, "The Chief of Staff of the President of the United States, and I'm committing a burglary." Foxton deadpans, "It's an historic moment." Foxton is now my favorite character in this entire plot line. Brother Palmer tells Foxton that Lady Mac can never know they were there. Foxton assures him that she won't, as long as Brother Palmer does what he says. ["And as long as forensic evidence collection suddenly stops existing, because…whatever." -- Sars] Brother Palmer tosses his jacket over a nearby chair and they get to work. I'm expecting him to eventually forget it there in a panicked departure, but I don't know the half of it.

Back at CTU's remote workstation outside Inn Fection, Special Agent Charlie Brown and Kiefer watch real-time video from San Francisco. The courier's dead and the vial is secure. Poor San Francisco Guy. He died waiting for Saunders to call him back. "One down, ten to go," Special Agent Charlie Brown remarks. It's 11:26:39.

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