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Tater Not

Back at the Ocean residence, as Mrs. Ocean sits in bed awake with the lights on under a "damask"-textured bedspread, a Latina maid wearing a blue robe enters the kitchen and finds the cold dead body of William Ocean III. "Mrs. Milliken!" shouts the maid. "Come quickly!"

CTU clinic. Kiefer is already there. And there's a needle in his arm taking blood from him and everything. My, that was fast. Special Agent Charlie Brown enters with a brand new bandage on his hand. My, that was even faster. Kiefer asks what's going on. Charlie tells him that Soul Patch will be interrogating Nina while Charlie will be "following from a feed." "Make sure Soul Patch puts double security on the doors," says Kiefer. Gee, is Nina going to escape during this episode? I'm not seeing foreshadowing or anything! Special Agent Charlie Brown assures Kiefer that he'll keep him updated on the Nina interrogation. "You're going to find something out about me that's not going to make you happy," says Charlie. "What are you talking about?" asks Kiefer. Charlie asks the lab technician to leave, and he does. Oh, like that would happen in real life. Like they'd just administer a drug test and then leave him alone with the blood sample. "I've got a daughter," says Charlie Brown. Apparently it's a long story: the baby's mother dropped Tater Tot off with Charlie Brown and then left town. Kiefer tells Charlie to square this with Spawn as soon as he can.

Meanwhile, Bitchelle and Special Agent Michael Bolton are in this observation room setting up monitors so they can watch Soul Patch interrogate Nina. Michael Bolton confirms that they're all set up for voice analysis, vitals, and transcription. Meanwhile, one of the monitors shows this big close-up of Nina, and it even looks like she's watching Bitchelle. Because Nina is an omniscient super-villain. She can see through television cameras. We. Get. It. "So Soul Patch is doing this?" asks Michael Bolton, pointing at Nina on screen. Um, actually, Michael, Soul Patch was doing this. "Is that going to be weird for you?" he asks. Michael? Who are you? You just showed up an hour ago with no explanation and already you're asking inappropriate personal questions. What up? Bitchelle asks him what he means. "Didn't Nina and Soul Patch go out?" he asks. Bolton? It's not like she's the sexy new receptionist. She's a prisoner. And I hear that Soul Patch has a thing for the ladies who still have all their civil rights intact.

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