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Soul Patch enters to check out their progress and has them do a "high res" on Nina's eyes. "She's tired," he says. "We might be able to pick up a 'tell.'" He leans in and asks Bitchelle if they're "all right." "We're fine," says Bitchelle in a not-so-enthusiastic manner. "Let's do this," says Soul Patch. He enters the room where Nina is being held and asks her to tell him everything about Amador and where to find him. "I already told Kiefer everything I know," says Nina. "I want you to tell me," says Soul Patch. "First Kiefer, then you," says Nina, stifling a giggle. "Now what does that remind me of?" Soul Patch ignores the innuendo. Back inside the interrogation room, Bitchelle is not amused. Soul Patch asks about Alvers. Again, Nina avoids the question. "Nice ring," she says, noticing his wedding band. "Who's the lucky girl? I hope you did a background check because you don't want to make the same mistake twice." Meanwhile, a split screen shows Bitchelle listening and getting even more uncomfortable. Jeez, if I were Bitchelle, I'd take comfort in the fact that -- at the very least -- I'm free go to the bathroom by myself. Soul Patch asks more questions and makes more threats. Nina makes more innuendo about their past sexual history. Rinse and repeat. Finally Soul Patch asks about Alvers. "All we've been able to dig up on him are a few random medical records," says Soul Patch. "He had an MRI on one of his knees. He has a prescription for some antibiotics. He was treated for HIV…" From inside the observation room, Michael Bolton picks up on the fact that Nina's pulse is "spiking." "Someone hasn't been using protection with Alvers," quips Bolton. "She's probably had sex with him," relays Bitchelle. Soul Patch tells Nina about the spiked pulse. "Something in those medical records concerns you," says Soul Patch. "And I'm guessing it's not the knee." Still the smirk remains on Nina's face. 'Cause even though she's in jail and might get AIDS, she's a super-sexy super-villain!

Meanwhile, somewhere in downtown L.A., Amador enters a bar that's supposed to be all dark and seedy. We know this because the outside is covered by graffiti and he has to talk to someone through a hole in the door in a foreign language to get in. Finally they let him in. The place is filled with Greg Brady beaded curtains, pool tables, more graffiti, and loose women swanning around. He finds Alvers in the back, and they go into a private supply room to speak privately. "I still don't understand why you took such a risk down in Mexico and didn't come here directly," says Alvers. "Two hundred and forty million dollars made it worth the risk," quips Amador, taking out his briefcase and setting it down on a sinister-looking biohazard chamber. "What about Nina?" asks Alvers. Amador assumes that Nina was either killed by the bomb or by her disappointed buyers. "Either way, she's out of the picture," says Amador. "I hope so," says Alvers. "Because she can point to both of us." "We'll be long gone before anyone starts looking," says Amador, removing the V-I-R-U-S from his briefcase and handing it to Alvers. The time is 02:22:53 AM.

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