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The time is 02:38:06 AM. Klockwise from the top left, Nina vamps it up in the interrogation room, Palmer takes some pills, Spawn stares at her computer, and Kiefer glowers at Plachecki. "You say that you weren't in with the Salazars until early February," says Plachecki, continuing to question Kiefer. "But the first time you started using was late December. That's six weeks of shooting up for the benefit of no one. Am I missing something." Kiefer claims that he was trying to pass himself off as a junkie, and he just wanted to be prepared, as the Salazars would have sensed something was wrong if he couldn't handle taking drugs. Plachecki points out that when he started using, he didn't have a meeting scheduled with the Salazars. "It could have been a year for all you knew," says Plachecki. "What do you want me to say?" says Kiefer, unleashing the velvet roar. "I did drugs to get in with these people and I got in with them!" Plachecki insists that it still looks suspicious since he didn't tell anyone, including his own partner. "I've had a difficult time since my wife passed away," says Kiefer. "If I told anyone I was using drugs to develop a case, they would have misinterpreted [it]. I couldn't afford that risk." Chappelle walks over and shuts off the tape. "Let's put down that Kiefer started using heroin in late January after the first meeting with the Salazars," says Chappelle. "I appreciate what you're trying to do," says Kiefer. "But that's not what happened." "I'm just trying to save us all some paperwork," says Chappelle. "I'm okay with that," says Plachecki. "I'm not," says Kiefer. Wait, Kiefer didn't want to have this meeting in the first place and now he wants it to be longer? Whatever.

Back at the FluBar, Alvers is talking to someone on the phone in some foreign language that sounds vaguely Eastern European. According to the subtitles, Alvers is telling the mystery caller that they have the V-I-R-U-S and that everything is going according to plan. He hangs up. "He'll be here in an hour," says Alvers. "Just as long as we have time to leave the country before they let this virus out," says Amador. Dun dun dun!

Back in Palmerville, Palmer gives his staff the latest news about the V-I-R-U-S, i.e. that it's still a possible threat. Remember Brad Hammond from Division? The guy who almost shut down CTU last year because he heard that Xander was sick? Well, he's at the table. Of all the characters to bring back… He tells Palmer that, according to intelligence, it's impossible to say what Amador is going to do with the V-I-R-U-S. "Then we have to prepare defensive action here in Los Angeles," says Palmer. "And for that matter, all of our major cities." He tells his staff to work on both open and covert strategies to contain the V-I-R-U-S, should it be unleashed, and get back to him in thirty minutes. The meeting ends, and Brother Palmer enters the room in order to speak to Palmer privately. "Alan Milliken is dead," says Brother Palmer, explaining that the West Los Angeles police department found him dead in his own home fifteen minutes ago. "All signs point to a heart attack," says Brother Palmer. "That isn't possible!" says Palmer. "You told me Lady Mac was over there about an hour ago," says Brother Palmer. "She changed her mind," says Palmer, telling Brother Palmer about how she made some phone calls from her car instead. "Is that what she told you?" asks Brother Palmer. Palmer goes over to Lady Mac's office, where she's talking a nap, and asks her if she knows anything about William Ocean's death. She claims ignorance. Palmer threatens to bring in the police to check her cell phone and the car she was driving. "You asked me to take care of a problem," says Lady Mac. "And I did. If you want the police to check phone logs, have them check yours first. Because you called me!" "What happened?" asks Palmer. Apparently, repeating a question once is all it takes to crack Lady Mac, who is supposedly so devious and evil. She tells him about going over to the Millikens', the argument with William Ocean, and his subsequent heart attack. "There's going to be an investigation," says Palmer. "You're going to have to tell the truth about this." Lady Mac swears that she did nothing to hurt Milliken and that an investigation will only make Palmer look bad.

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