Day 3: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

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Pulling a Sherry

Back at CTU, Soul Patch has an announcement. Everyone on the floor is to start gathering information about Kyle Singer. "Everything there is to know about Kyle Singer, I want it: where he lives, where he works and more importantly, where he is right now," says Soul Patch, snapping his fingers. "Let's go." The time is 02:48:56 PM.

The time is 02:53:20 PM. Klockwise from the top left, Palmer and Brother Palmer walk around the USC auditorium, Spawn gathers information about "that boy," Soul Patch looms over Spawn's desk, and Hartmano rots in jail. Over at the Cocaine Condo, Kyle's girlfriend is putting on her clothes and packing. "I can't believe you're this stupid, Kyle," she says, piling her possessions into a Coach beach bag. "So this is how you're going to help your family?" she says. "By dealing drugs?" Kyle explains that he's not dealing, he's just making a delivery. "It's quick money, which my folks need right now," says Kyle. "Where are your parents going to get the money to bail you out of jail, Kyle?" asks PoorMan'sJennieGarth, which is such a stupid line. I mean, bail is merely a loan. What will really break Kyle's family are the attorney's fees. Kyle admits that he was stupid to enter into a situation like this, but now that he's in it, he has no choice but to go through with tonight's delivery. "I promise you, it will be over after that." Poor Jenny is undeterred. "I'm not waiting until tonight. It's over now," she says heading for the door. "I can't be with someone who does stuff like this." Despite his pleading, she leaves. Meanwhile, Mama Diabetes demands an explanation for what is going on. Kyle tells her to forget about it and stomps back into his room. So let this be a lesson for the kids out there. Don't deal drugs. If you do, you won't get any tail and your mom will bug you about stuff. Also? The drugs you are dealing could contain a deadly virus and you'd feel really guilty for introducing a Type III pneumonic virus into the L.A. population.

Back at the USC auditorium, Aaron, the Secret Service guy, who really is the butler as far as this episode is concerned, leads Palmer into a private dining room, where Dr. Anne is alone and waiting for him. Palmer apologizes to her for not being able to join her for lunch, and instead picks her brain about Type III pneumonic viruses. Dr. Anne doesn't know much, because they're new viruses, although she does know that most of them are fast-acting and all of them are deadly. Palmer informs her that someone is threatening to release one in L.A. "Oh God!" exclaims Dr. Anne. Palmer wants her to talk to Dr. Hazel Mat and learn more about this particular virus. Dr. Anne says she'll get in touch with Hazel, but more importantly, she feels that Palmer needs to get out of town if there's even a remote possibility of mass infection in the L.A. area. "This isn't something the Secret Service can protect you against," she says. Palmer swears to her that they'll leave as soon as the "situation warrants," but now he needs her to talk to Hazel and learn everything she can about the V-I-R-U-S. They hold each other until there's a knock on the door. It's Aaron the butler again. He wants to let Palmer know that Brother Palmer wants to speak to him urgently. Palmer tells him to send him up, but Aaron tells Palmer that Brother Palmer wants Palmer to come to him. "He has something to show you." Dr. Anne tells Palmer to go meet with his brother while she calls Dr. Hazel. They kiss goodbye in front of Aaron and everything.

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