Day 3: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

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Pulling a Sherry

Meanwhile, elsewhere on the floor, Spawn calls Kiefer on his office extension to tell him that she and Adam are on the verge of finding an address for Patient Zero. Aw! Spawn figured out how to use the phone book! How could anyone think she's stupid? "And, uh, Dad, remember I want to talk to you," says Spawn. "Why, is something wrong?" asks Kiefer. "No," says Spawn. "I was just wondering if I could come up for a few minutes. It's something personal." Meanwhile, Special Agent Charlie Brown enters the Kiefer Kube at Kiefer's invitation and hears the tail end of their conversation on speakerphone. Kiefer tells Spawn that now is not a good time, but promises to come down and talk to her when he's got a moment. Charlie Brown has this "oh shit" expression on his face. Kiefer and Spawn hang up. Kiefer tells Charlie that they're getting close to finding Patient Zero's address. Charlie is all, "You didn't shoot up, did you?" Only he's not commending Kiefer for not shooting up; he's concerned that Kiefer may be done in by the withdrawal symptoms that come with quitting heroin cold turkey. Kiefer is all, "I've been tapering off. It's time to stop." "It doesn't look like it's time to stop," says Special Agent Charlie Brown. "Today is not a good day for you to be needing a fix." Kiefer tries to change the subject by telling Charlie to go work with Chloe on locating the whereabouts of Hector, Hartmano's brother. Charlie asks Kiefer why he's not going on methadone. Kiefer replies that he's not "going on record with this addiction." Charlie argues that Kiefer has nothing to be ashamed of, as "doing junk" was the only way to get close to Felipe Hartmano. "Nobody's gonna knock you for that." Kiefer cuts him off and tells him to get back to work.

Meanwhile, Chloe "Potato Face" O'Brien is sitting at her desk outside of Kiefer's office. She invites Special Agent Charlie Brown over and shows him the data about the V-I-R-U-S and how dangerous it is. "They aren't going to let this happen, are they?" asks Potato Face. "Hartmano's just one person, no matter how bad he is." Charlie tells her to forget all about it and concentrate on working to find the carrier. "In the next four hours?" retorts Potato Face. "That's not likely, is it?" "Not if we sit here and debate it," says Charlie. He asks Potato for some more Whatever Data. Potato replies that Spawn has it and is bringing it upstairs to the Kiefer Kube momentarily. Charlie glances over at the Kiefer Kube, realizes that Spawn is going to talk to Kiefer about their relationship when she does come up, and makes his way downstairs so he'll be out of harm's way. Or at least that's what it looked like to me.

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