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Pulling a Sherry

Spawn walks over to Special Agent Charlie Brown's desk and hands him the files on Patient Zero. Charlie tells her that she heard her conversation with Kiefer earlier. "Why do you want to tell him today?" he asks. "'Cause it's not a big deal?" says Spawn, with that teenage way of speaking where her voice rises at the end of the sentence so it sounds like a question. Charlie points out that it is a big deal, because he works closely with Kiefer and he's a field agent. And dating a field agent is the last thing that Kiefer wants for his last remaining blood relation. According to Charlie, Kiefer has told him how little he was there for Spawn or Bride and how he doesn't think a field agent can have a relationship outside of work. "Did you ever stop to think that maybe he'd be happy to know that his daughter's found someone she loves?" asks Spawn. Charlie replies that he loves her too, but he doesn't think today is a good day. They are interrupted by Potato Face who wants to be "copied" on some Whatever File. They pretend to be talking about work and then end their conversation.

Spawn walks over to the Kiefer Kube and knocks on the door. Kiefer beckons her in. Spawn is all, "Are you all right? Special Agent Charlie Brown said you were stressed out." "Stressed? What do you mean by stressed?" asked a totally stressed-out Kiefer. "You know," says Spawn. "Hartmano? The terrorist threat?" Realizing that Spawn isn't talking about the heroin, Kiefer kalms down and assures Spawn that everything is under control. "Can I talk to you now?" asks Spawn. Every three episodes, there has to be a moment in which Spawn does something where you feel compelled to fling your arms around your eyes and ears and scream, "No!!!!!!" This is one of them. I call it the Spawn Law of Narrative Structure. Kiefer closes the door behind them as Charlie Brown watches helplessly from Potato Face's desk. Spawn tells Kiefer about their relationship. Kiefer tries very hard to hide his discomfort. "So what do you think?" asks Spawn. I think you were adopted, says Kiefer. Oh wait, he doesn't. "I don't know what I think," says Kiefer, claiming to be distracted by everything else that's going on that day. They exchange "I love you"s and Spawn exits, kissing him on the forehead. Once she's gone, Kiefer glances anxiously back at the corner where he threw that vial of heroin. Spawn runs into Charlie Brown at Potato Face's desk. "I told him," she says smugly. "What did he say?" asks Charlie Brown. "Nothing," answers Spawn, walking off.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Soul Patch has a phone call. It's Dr. Hazel Mat. She's found something interesting. Judging by the placement of a white particle in the victim's nose, it seems the virus was "delivered" in a crystallized form. "It maybe what you're looking for is a white powder," she says. "So it would look like a bag of cocaine or heroin?" asks Mrs. Soul Patch. Dr. Hazel agrees that this might be the strategy. "Someone thinks they're buying a bag of coke, when in fact they're handling the virus," she says.

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