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Pulling a Sherry

Speaking of cocaine distribution and virus handling, the screen splits to reveal the pool at the Cocaine Condo, where Lyle and Damone are hanging out with a couple of girls. Damone gets out of the pool -- the place where he's been since the bottom of the last episode, when he jumped into the pool right after Kyle asked him to accompany him on the cocaine drop-off. Well, Damone's been doing some thinking and some swimming. He tells Kyle that there's no way he's going to accompany him. "I don't care how much you pay me," says Damone. "It's dealing drugs." What is this, a Christian rock video? Kyle tries to play the best friend card, but Damone is ready with a comeback. "You should have talked to me before you went down to Mexico and bought a bag of coke." The swoopy cam goes back and forth between each of them in close-up as Kyle tries to get Damone to change his mind and Damone holds his ground. Kyle's cell phone rings, and he does that thing that I hate where he answers the phone, not with a "hello," but with a "yeah?" It's "Zach." He wants to "talk." Kyle heads inside so he can talk to Zach in private. The two bikini girls ask Damone who "Zach" is. Damone blows off their question. "What's with you guys today?" asks the blonder of the two girls. "Why is everything a secret?" Damone tries to pass it all off as Kyle's family problems. Over at the other end of the pool, Zach is asking Kyle if he's "got the powder?" Kyle informs Zach that he indeed has the powder. Zach tells him to drop by his place in about five episodes…I mean, "at seven-thirty." Kyle wants Zach to repeat the plan, or "how it's gonna go down." If this weren't a TV show that needed to spell everything out through exposition, I'd totally suspect Kyle of being a narc with this whole "let's go over this illegal plan one more time over my tapped cell phone" thing. "You drop off the coke, I give you the rest of the money," says Zach, feeling very confident that his phone is not being tapped. "Is that too much for you to handle?" Kyle assures Zach that he's totally cool with this forthcoming federally indictable and highly dangerous activity they are planning to perform sometime during the middle of Episode Seven. They hang up. The time is 02:13:06 PM.

The time is 02:17:30 PM. Klockwise from the top left, Gael checks out the Kocaine Kids by the pool, Gael checks out the cocaine kids by the pool from a different angle, and Palmer poses for some photos. Kiefer Kube. Kiefer is just changing into a casual outfit -- a lilac-colored v-neck viscose sweater -- when he phone rings. It's Mrs. Soul Patch. They have an address for Patient Zero. Or at least where he lived as of two months ago. It's good enough for Kiefer, who tells Mrs. Soul Patch to have the LAPD send over a "perimeter" team to the crack house and to instruct them not to touch anything until Kiefer and Special Agent Charlie Brown get there. Bitchelle is on it. Kiefer leaves his office and beckons for Charlie to follow him to the Kiefmobile. On the floor, Bitchelle tells a redheaded extra to make sure that the police know they're not to go in until Kiefer gets there. Soul Patch comes over and asks Bitchelle how recent the last known address for Patient Zero is. Bitchelle admits that it's not that recent, but points out that they don't have another hour to find something better. Soul Patch retorts that they don't have an hour to waste on a wild goose chase either. For some reason that leads to Soul Patch decision to "put transmitters" on Kiefer and Charlie so they can analyze "all their interactions." "We can work it up in real time," says Soul Patch.

Bitchelle clack-clack-clacks off to the supply room, where Kiefer and Charlie are suiting up for the big confrontation. Kiefer has slipped on a barn jacket from J. Crew, while Special Agent Charlie Brown is keeping it all about the old-school classics in an L.L. Bean duck-hunting jacket. They select guns while Bitchelle hands them a dossier on Patient Zero and a case full of other necessary items. I guess that's where the transmitter is kept. On their way out, Spawn hands Special Agent Charlie Brown a medical kit that health services put together for them and tells him to be careful. It's like a samurai film where the pretty daughter of the landowner kisses the sword of the poor humble samurai and he heads into battle. They're about to have a moment, but Kiefer tells Charlie abruptly that it's time to go. Out in the parking lot, Kiefer starts to brief Charlie Brown about the setup at Patient Zero's address, but Charlie Brown cuts him off. "I know Spawn told you about us," he says. "I wanted to tell you myself but I just couldn't find the right time." And by not being able to "find the right time," Charlie Brown really means that he couldn't manage to convince Spawn to table the discussion for a day or two. "I just thought you should know," continues Charlie to an uninterested Kiefer. "It's getting serious." Kiefer is all, "That's what she said." Failing to get a reaction either way from Kiefer, Charlie Brown has no choice but to get into the Season Three Kiefmobile with him and head out toward Patient Zero's lair.

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