Day 3: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

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Pulling a Sherry

The time is 02:24:36 AM. Vaselino leads two armed guards to Hartmano's cell -- the cleanest and most freshly painted jail cell I've ever seen, even on TV -- where they pull him out, put him up against a wall, and try to beat some information out of him with their nightsticks. "What is your slimeball brother trying to do?" asks Vaselino, as guards hit Hartmano with the butts of their batons. Hartmano evades the subject by asking how his brother is doing and wondering what to get him for his birthday. Vaselino warns Hartmano that he may never get out of there as long as he keeps "talking trash." Hartmano retorts that he might go free for some unexpected reason and that Vaselino might come looking for him if that happened. "Especially after the death of your wife, Elyce, and your two boys," taunts Hartmano. Vaselino rushes up to Hartmano and tries to strangle him. The time is 02:26:16 AM.

The time is 02:30:40 AM. Kiefer and Charlie continue towards their destination in the Kiefmobile, Kyle and his girlfriend make out, and Hartmano is back in his cell. Back at the USC auditorium, Palmer is fielding questions from the press as Brother Palmer talks on the phone with Soul Patch, who informs him that there's no new news to forward onto the president, except that Kiefer just left to go follow up on a lead on Patient Zero. Brother Palmer hangs up just as Palmer cuts it short with the press. Brother Palmer tells Palmer that the press conference went well. Oh, like he'd know when he was on the phone the entire time. He also relays the information from CTU about the V-I-R-U-S to Palmer. Palmer asks if they know who's behind the threat. Brother Palmer tells him about Hartmano's brother and suggests to Palmer that it might all be a bluff. "Dropping off a dead body is one thing," says Brother Palmer. "But infecting an entire city? That's something different."

Palmer asks Brother Palmer about the "opportunity" they spoke about earlier. Brother Palmer doesn't think they should discuss that matter right now. Palmer asks Brother Palmer if it's because he's doing something that Palmer would disapprove of. Brother Palmer explains that he just didn't want to divert Palmer's attention with everything that's going on right now. "I can walk and chew gum at the same time," says Palmer, amused by Brother Palmer's obvious lie. Brother Palmer finally gives it up that they have an opportunity to see Keeler's debate play book so they know how Keeler is going to try to trip Palmer up on the issues. "How would we get it?" asks Palmer. "You don't need to know the details," says Brother Palmer. Palmer is shocked that Brother Palmer would ever imagine that Palmer would approve of a deceitful plan like that. "I'm not talking about pulling a 'Sherry' and stealing it," says Brother Palmer, totally confirming that he's this year's Sherry. "It may just drop in our laps and if it does, why shouldn't we look at it?" Palmer tells Brother Palmer to stop thinking like someone in the "private sector." "You have to get used to how my administration works." Brother Palmer argues that he just wants to give Palmer's administration "four more years," but agrees to drop it when Palmer gives him the Indian-Chief-crying-because-of-the-litter morality stare. But we know Brother Palmer is not dropping it.

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