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Pulling a Sherry

Back at CTU -- more specifically, the infamous women's bathroom of CTU -- Bitchelle removes her wedding ring and places it on the mirror's stainless steel ledge as she washes her hands. Spawn enters and washes her hands in the next sink. Bitchelle asks her if she's all caught up with her work. Spawn replies that she's finished everything, except she still needs to "refresh the drive" on her father's "panel." As Bitchelle dries her hands with a paper towel, Spawn asks her if she has problems working in the same office as Mr. Soul Patch. Mrs. Soul Patch replies that it's not a problem, but wants to know why Spawn is asking her a question like that. Spawn tells Mrs. Soul Patch about her relationship with Special Agent Charlie Brown and how Kiefer doesn't like it. Bitchelle tells Spawn that Kiefer is simply trying to protect Spawn. "But ultimately," says Bitchelle, "it's just between you and Charlie Brown." The ladies get back to work. On the way back to her desk, Bitchelle runs into Soul Patch, who tells her that some analysis people have determined that Brother Hartmano is probably operating out of Northern Mexico, and they're going to need a list of his properties down there. Mrs. Soul Patch tells Mr. Soul Patch that Potato Face is working on it. Soul Patch heads over to Chloe's desk, but first asks Mrs. Soul Patch to "fire up the contacts" in Northern Mexico for word on Brother Hartmano's location.

Meanwhile, at Rancho Narcotico, Brother Hector is talking to his surveillance guy about "the boy's" whereabouts. By the way, the surveillance guy is not the same Billy Bob Thornton look-alike who drove the van that blew up the Health Services door as I said in the last recap. My bad. The surveillance guy assures Brother Hector that "the boy" is in place and they have their eye on him. Brother Hector asks about Palmer. Surveillance Guy tells Hector that Palmer knows about the V-I-R-U-S but he's not canceling the debate. "He's got some cojones, I'll give him that," says Hector. Yes, he actually said the Spanish word for "balls." "Let's see what kind of tough guy he is when he has a couple of million lives on the line." He gets off the phone and looks around the corner just in time to see this wife, PoorMan'sAngelinaJolie, and his father-in-law, Juan Voight, having a heated discussion in really really poor Spanish. It's like they've consulting Berlitz Phrase Books in order to have this fight. Hector pull Angelina aside and asks her why she is fighting with her father. Angelina tells Hector that Juan Voight doesn't approve of the way she is living her life. Hector calls Juan Voight over and asks him if he thinks that Angelina is too good for him. Juan Voight is all, "No, señor!" with his hat in his hands and everything. Hector walks back over to Angelina and gives her a Lifetime Network smack upside the head, and tells her not to ever raise her voice to her father again. Angelina smacks him right back. "How I conduct myself with my father is my concern," says Angelina. "Not yours!" She stomps away from him, but he pulls her back and gives her a Lifetime Network post-battery kiss on her lips. Juan Voight looks away in disgust. Hector tells Angelina to tell the maid to prepare supper.

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