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Elsewhere in the prison, Special Agent Charlie Brown and the Warden are trying to figure out what to do next. Charlie insists that Kiefer and Hartmano should be found immediately and kept alive. The warden insists on knowing what's at stake, so Charlie spills the beans about the V-I-R-U-S. The warden radios the riot guards and tells them that they are now under the command of Special Agent Charlie Brown. Just then, Charlie's phone rings. It's Bitchelle, wanting to know what the hell is going on over there. Charlie briefs her on Kiefer's attempt to break Hartmano out of prison to deliver him to Hector, and the subsequent prison riot. "He's going to get himself killed," says Bitchelle. "Not to mention Hartmano." Charlie assures her that he's doing his best to protect them both, and asks about the search for Kontagious Kyle. Bitchelle assures Charlie that they are closing in on his location. Charlie asks her to let him know the moment they've got Kontagious Kyle. "If Kiefer knows we've got the carrier of the V-I-R-U-S, he'll give Hartmano back," says Charlie. "We've got everyone working on it," says Bitchelle. "We'll find him."

Speaking of Kontagious Kyle, we take you now to the Terror-arium where the Quaran-teens watch helplessly as their captors take a Starbucks break. Kyle apologizes to PoorMan'sJennieGarth for what he's dragged her into, but Jennie isn't even listening. She's just pondering her imminent mortality. Kontagious Kyle isn't even that sure that he's passed the V-I-R-U-S to Jennie. Strangely enough, he was actually paying attention when Papa Kyle, Kiefer, and Soul Patch explained the ways of the V-I-R-U-S to him and the fact that he's got a couple of hours to go before he's contagious. "Maybe they'll find us by then and you'll be okay," he whispers to her. "Yeah, maybe," scoffs Jennie. All of a sudden Kyle has a plan. He stands on a chair and tests the strength of all these pipes that line the ceiling of the Terror-arium. Now maybe I'm missing something obvious here, but what the hell are these pipes doing in the ceiling of a freestanding structure that doesn't contain a) a toilet, b) a sink, or c) any heating or cooling systems? Jennie asks him what the hell he's doing. Kyle explains that he's looking for wires so that he can get her "out of this." He starts banging on the pipes with an aluminum folding chair, and for some reason the Piquante Partners don't hear this and come over to investigate.

Back at CTU, Spawn is studying some Whatever Technology California Traffic videos from near "the mall," and has improbably found pictures of the Garthmobile leaving the parking garage. She decides that this must be Kyle's getaway vehicle, because the driver is wearing a "blue shirt." Bitchelle calls her over, so Spawn passes the project onto Adam the Woman Hater, who is being unusually helpful and supportive. "You haven't been following what's been going on over at the prison, have you?" asks Bitchelle. Spawn admits that she hasn't, so Bitchelle fills her in on her father's rogue attempt to break Hartmano out by prison "by force" and the ensuing riot. "I don't understand what you mean by 'force,'" says Spawn. Spawn? "Force" is defined as "the use of physical power or violence to compel or restrain," as in "I have to force myself not to go down to CTU myself and beat you senseless with a two-by-four." They're called dictionaries. They're even online now. Look into it. Spawn asks why her father would be doing such a thing. Bitchelle has no idea, but asks Spawn when she last talked to him. Spawn recalls that the last time she talked to her father was back when he asked her to process a prison transfer for Felipe Hartmano. And yes, I sometimes I feel that I exaggerate how stupid Spawn really is, but it seriously takes an unnatural amount of time for Spawn to connect the current prison riot/jail break with Kiefer's request for a prison transfer. Even Bitchelle rolls her eyes, and I'm not making that up. The ladies conclude -- well, Bitchelle, mostly -- that the best thing to do is to find Kontagious Kyle as soon as possible, thus negating the need for Kiefer to free Hartmano.

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