Day 3: 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM

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Ill Bill

7:26:41. Victims mill about in Inn Fection's quarantine area, Soul Patch broods, more victims mill, and Palmer tries to move his desk with his mind. Kiefer and Spawn come out onto the roof of CTU, the latter having changed into a kicky yet official CTU tracksuit. The helicopter's ready to go. They're getting a lot of miles on that thing this season, aren't they? Kiefer tells Spawn, "As soon as we get there, they're going to deal with your hair and makeup." Hey, as long as I know the hair is going to be dealt with some time, I can be patient. Kiefer reminds her that her disguise isn't going to fool anyone at close range, and they're going to put her where Saunders's people can only see her from a distance. I'm calling bullshit. They're assuming an awful lot here. Kiefer has no way of knowing that Spawnders doesn't have a Secret Service-style envelope around her at all times. The fact that he later turns out to be right doesn't excuse the sloppiness. Kiefer gives Spawn a handgun and tells her not to hesitate if she has to use it. Oh, man. I know he's her father, and he wants her to be safe, but never give Spawn a gun before you get on a helicopter with her, all right? That's just common sense. They climb into the back seat of the chopper, and it lifts off. It's 7:27:42.

The Brothers Palmer step into a conference room where the Cabinet has assembled, some in person and some on video monitors. I guess I missed the reason why most of the Cabinet is in California with Palmer. Maybe he insists on really high-level debate advisors. In any case, Brother Palmer announces that the V-I-R-U-S has been released at Inn Fection, and that they know Saunders is behind the attacks and he'll continue the attacks unless his demands are met. VP Prescott asks what those demands are. Brother Palmer explains about "the sky is falling" and the demand to have Chappelle ki-- I'm sorry, I need to stop and back up here. Vice President Prescott? Why the hell is that guy still Vice President? Was Palmer like, "Whoa ho ho, Veepster, you got me a good one there. I'll be keeping my eye on you from now on, you betcha"? Whatever. So Brother Palmer says that Saunders ordered Chappelle killed. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs asks, "What was his response when you didn't comply?" There's a false premise in there, Chairman. The Brothers Palmer look at each other the way they did that time when Mom got home early and the coffee table was on fire. Palmer admits that he had no choice but to comply. While everyone is still reacting to this news with varying degrees of shock and horror, Palmer orders them to throw their departments' doors open to CTU.

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