Day 3: 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

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Wanna Fanta?

The time is 07:54:01 PM. SalazAir hits the runway in Las Nieves. An plethora of jeeps and SUVs pulls up to the landing strip to greet the plane. By the time the plane is taxiing, Hector's men are ready and waiting.

CTU. Adam and Spawn are shocked to see Soul Patch walking onto the main floor without need of a crutch or cane. He asks Adam where Gael is, and Adam can barely respond that Gael is in "interrogation room 820." Meanwhile, in room 820 -- which guess is twice the fun of room 420 -- Gael is getting more painful injections from Johnson. Johnson must have a big needle. Okay, okay, I'm sorry, but I just had to throw that in, all right? Meanwhile, Chappelle is all, "Talk to me, you son of a bitch." Hey, this reminds me of the weirdest thing that anyone ever said to me in bed: "Wow, man, if you were a spy and I had government secrets, I totally would have told you them by now!" Soul Patch stops the interrogation and gets Johnson out of the room. He tries to dismiss Chappelle, but Chappelle refuses to leave.

Meanwhile, on the tarmac, the army is ready as the jet's hatch opens. No one comes out. Hector yells for his brother to come out. Nothing. All of a sudden, everyone aboard the plane except Kiefer and Hartmano (and dead Pedro, for that matter) exits the plane really fast. Hector knows something's up, because the Fanta girls have stopped dancing and everything. Just as Hector is pulling a gun on Henchman #1, demanding to know where his brother is, Kiefer emerges from SalazAir with Hartmano as his hostage. Hartmano cries out for someone to kill Kiefer. "What are you doing?" asks Hector. "Your brother tried to kill me," shouts Kiefer. "What are all these guys doing here? This is not what we talked about!" Hector orders his men to stand down. "I was worried," says Hector, with a surprising amount of intimacy toward Kiefer. "I wasn't sure who would be on de plane." That's right. He actually said "de plane" a la Herve Villechaize. Kiefer pushes Hartmano over to his brother. They hug for a homoerotically long time. "What's going on?" asks Hartmano. Hector promises to reveal all in a few minutes. Hartmano watches in confusion as Hector approaches Kiefer and commends him on a job well done. Kiefer hands over his gun, and the men embrace. "Come," says Hector. "We have a lot of work to do." The screen splits. Palmer and Brother Palmer argue about something. Dr. Anne's ex-husband loads a gun. Yay! Dr. Anne drives to her ex-husband's office. Special Agent Charlie Brown boards a private plane. Kiefer pulls up his sleeve to reveal his undercover tattoo, and pushes a button on his watch. Back at CTU, Gael's handheld device beeps in response. "He's there," says Gael to Soul Patch. "What are you talking about?" asks Chappelle. "Gael and I have been working with Kiefer," says Soul Patch. "We've been trying to get him back undercover with the Salazars. That signal means he's back in." Chappelle still doesn't understand. Soul Patch demands that they call the President. The time is 07:59:58…07:59:59…08:00:00 PM.

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