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The phone rings up in the Spy Console. Spawn manages to push the faux-Aeron chair she's strapped to over to the phone, moaning and gasping all the way. Her fingers get thisclose to the phone cord. She moves them up slightly and grabs the phone cord. She pulls on the phone cord and gets the mouthpiece off of the cradle just as Adam gives up and hangs up. Gael heaves a tacit sigh of relief. But his relief is short-lived. As Bitchelle prattles on about matrices and other instances of Whatever Technology, Adam heads for Gael's Spy Console. "Is Soul Patch out of surgery?" asks Gael, subtly reminding Bitchelle to get out of there already. Meanwhile, Adam is outside Gael's Spy Console. He tries to get in, but the code has been changed. He calls Bitchelle at her desk and asks her to ask Gael if he's changed the code. Gael claims not to know why the door won't work. Bitchelle overrides the code and tells Adam that the door will be open in "fifteen" seconds. "Okay, I'm sending everything related to the V-I-R-U-S over to volume A," says Bitchelle to Gael. "Where do you want the Salazar files?" The camera pulls back to reveal that Bitchelle is talking to herself. Back up in the Spy Console, Adam finally has access. Hey, that wasn't fifteen seconds! He walks into the room and hears the moans and gasps of Spawn. He finds her and rips off her duct tape gag. "It was Gael!" exclaims Spawn breathlessly as a split screen reveals Gael walking briskly over to the console. We don't see Adam alert the guards, but they know Gael is a dirty agent and try to capture him as soon as they see him. He tries to escape by knocking out a guard posted at the end of an exit corridor and punching out another one, and ends up running down a corridor that looks eerily like the very same hallway that Nina tried to escape through during the final episode of Season One. Finally he is surrounded by a plethora of guards. Bitchelle arrives and tells him that internal security is already in position. "You're not going anywhere," she says, coming toward him, completely unfazed by the gun he's pointing at her. "You take one step outside," she says, "you know exactly what will happen." He drops the gun and allows the guards to take him into custody. The time is 07:14:12 PM.

The time is 07:18:25 PM. Klockwise from the top left, Kiefer wriggles around on the floor of the Salazar Jet, Gael sits and waits to be interrogated, Palmer's motorcade whines through the streets of L.A., and Special Agent Charlie Brown continues to drive toward one of his and Kiefer's "back-pocketed" sources. Back inside the Palmer limo, Brother Palmer gets off his cell phone and tells Palmer that Kiefer still hasn't been kaptured and his whereabouts are still unknown. Palmer knows that Kiefer isn't still in L.A. "His plan was to take Hartmano back to his brother to prevent the outbreak," says Palmer. "That's what he's going to do, even if it costs him his life." There they go again, trying to dangle Kiefer's death in front of us like a carrot. Stop it. Brother Palmer reminds Palmer that there's nothing they can do about Kiefer. "Our intelligence and military services are working overtime on that front so let them do their job," says Brother Palmer. "We, unfortunately, have other fires to put out." Um, Brother Palmer? Dr. Anne is hardly a "fire." She's more like one of those warm light bulbs that you put inside a Holly Hobbie oven. The motorcade arrives at District. Dr. Anne is out front and full of apologies about her ex-husband. "I don't want to hear it," says Palmer, speaking, it seems, on behalf of just about everyone watching this show right now. Dr. Anne blames herself for advising Palmer to stand up to the allegations. "Maybe you should have just paid him off," she says. "We're not wrong," says Palmer, moving his face closer to Dr. Anne's face. Their intimacy is interrupted by Brother Palmer, who reminds Palmer that he's got a lot of work to do. Palmer puts his thumb on Dr. Anne's chin, grips it lovingly, and then takes off to join his brother as piano music more appropriately suited to an airplane disaster movie soundtrack tinkles in the background.

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