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"It's the Great Mexican Ambush, Charlie Brown!"

Speaking of Dr. Anne, she is getting off the elevator of an impersonal-looking apartment building; some frantic xylophone theme is playing in the background which is no doubt attempting to inspire terror. She knocks on the door. Ex-Ted opens up and lets her in. Shut up, frantic xylophone. Ex-Ted thanks her for coming. "I just wanted a chance to apologize face-to-face," he says. "I don't know what I was thinking." Dr. Anne is unmoved and asks him to cut to the chase and get the aforementioned documents. Ex-Ted walks over to his desk and grabs a stack of papers. While doing so, he brushes against a jacket lying on a chair and reveals a gun lying underneath. Dr. Anne's eyes widen. Ex-Ted follows her eyes to the gun and runs over to hide it again. "It's not for you," he explains hastily. "It's for self-defense." He asks her to leave now that she got what she came for. Dr. Anne accuses him of trying to kill himself, and recommends that he seek professional help. "High-priced phonies who are going to talk me out of doing what I should have done five years ago?" retorts Ex-Ted. Dr. Anne pretends to head for the door, but doubles back and tries to run around him to grab the gun. Ex-Ted grabs it first and points it toward his own head. "Let me call someone," says Dr. Anne. Ex-Ted tells her to get the hell out of his office. "I SAID GO!" he screams. "What you did was wrong but you made it right," says Dr. Anne, reminding him that he can start over again as people do all the time. He drops the gun for a moment. "If I gave you a few minutes you actually would have talked me out of it," he says. They struggle. She falls to the floor. He shoots himself in the head. Due to the Clintonian theme of this suicide, from now on I am hereby referring to Ted as Bananas Foster. The time is 8:25:25 PM.

The time is 8:29:51 PM. Klockwise from the top left, Kiefer is still jonesing for some black tar, and Spawn is sitting at her desk being distracted by one shiny object after another while Palmer does some work at his desk as well. Meanwhile, up in Soul Patch's office, Soul Patch gets off the phone with someone in Palmer's office. He puts down the phone and slumps down in his seat with fatigue. A rack focus reveals Bitchelle standing at his desk, looking at him with concern. "You should be in the hospital," she says. He changes the subject to the work at hand. She gives him a report on all the possible landing sites that Special Agent Charlie Brown might use. He notices that she looks disturbed. "What is it?" he asks her. "It's not the time," she says passive-aggressively. He insists until she finally admits that she's bothered by the secrets that he kept from her. "I trust you with my life," says Soul Patch. "But this job is what it is." Bitchelle is forced to see his side of things. "Kiefer said he came up with the plan a month ago?" she says. "Is that how long you've known?" Soul Patch admits that that is the case. "I had no idea you were hiding something from me," says Bitchelle. "But that's my problem."

Back at Division, Brother Palmer enters Palmer's office to give him the latest scoop on what's going on at CTU. Brother Palmer's phone rings. It's Dr. Anne for Palmer. Palmer takes the call. She tells him about the suicide of Bananas Foster. "I'm so sorry," says Palmer. "He was with me when he did it," she says. She goes on to explain that Bananas summoned her there to give her the letters that would exonerate her from any connection to the falsified research data. "And you have these letters?" asks Palmer. "Yes," says Dr. Anne. "So I'll be in the clear and hopefully it will put an end to the negative fallout for you as well." She vows to come to him as soon as she finishes up with the police. They hang up. Palmer tells Brother Palmer the news. "Well, I guess that's some sort of silver lining," says Brother Palmer about the letters. "I know I've been somewhat hard on Dr. Anne, but she cleaned up her mess and I respect that." Palmer stares him down disapprovingly.

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