Day 3: 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM

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"It's the Great Mexican Ambush, Charlie Brown!"

8:51:39 P.M. Dr. Anne arrives at District, where she's escorted to Palmer's office. Palmer greets her with a suffocating kiss. "Are those the letters?" says Brother Palmer, who is also in the room. Palmer and Dr. Anne continue to make out as Brother Palmer looks over the papers. "Oh, this is good, David," says Brother Palmer. "This clears up everything." "I thought you'd be pleased," says Dr. Anne. Brother Palmer expresses his condolences over the death of Bananas Foster, and leaves the room. Dr. Anne assures Palmer that she'll "be all right," but she feels the need to end things. "I can't live in your world -- the things that people do to each other…the things they have to do to survive…" She maintains that Palmer needs someone in his life who can stomach the political process. "I'm sorry," she says. "You are the finest man I have ever known." "Dr. Anne," Palmer calls after her. She doesn't look back.

The time is 8:55:37 P.M. Kiefer calls Michael Amador, the Ukrainian contact, using a satellite phone. Amador, who is this really faggy British guy, takes Kiefer's number so he can call him back. Suddenly, Salazar henchmen come into the hacienda with Special Agent Charlie Brown in tow. Hartmano recognizes Charlie as Kiefer's partner. "What the hell are you doing here?" says Kiefer. Hartmano calls for a change of location, because he is sure more agents will arrive. "I had no idea he was coming down here," explains Kiefer, begging to continue the deal. "Are you with them?" asks Special Agent Charlie Brown, a little slow on the uptake. Kiefer confirms that this is true. Chase breaks away from his captors momentarily to punch Kiefer. In doing so, Kiefer slams his watch against the wall and breaks it. They re-restrain Charlie. "You say he's not with you?" asks Hartmano. Kiefer affirms this, so Hartmano hands him a gun and demands that Kiefer shoot Charlie Brown to prove that he's on their side. Kiefer suggests that they use Charlie Brown as a hostage instead, but Hartmano isn't having any of it. "You should never have come down here," says Kiefer. Charlie Brown spits in Kiefer's face. Kiefer raises the gun to Charlie's head and fires. There is only a clicking sound. The chamber is empty. Hartmano applauds. "Very Good, Kiefer," says Hartmano. "We'll take him with us." He orders his henchmen to interrogate Charlie Brown and take Kiefer to a safe house to await Amador's call. The screen splits, but unfortunately there aren't any other exciting subplots to contrast with this one. Spawn is shown stomping back to her desk. Palmer is shown picking his nose…or something. Kiefer is escorted into a van, where he sits behind Charlie Brown. "Shut up," says Kiefer to Charlie Brown. "If you want to get through this, just shut up!" He checks his watch. It's broken.

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