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Potato Face approaches Soul Patch and Buchanan, telling them that she's hit paydirt with her lead; the schematics she was looking at turn out to be for a microchip that's only used in the type of warhead that ImhoTerror stole. Buchanan wants Missile Tech's name and ID sent to all agencies. Potato Face says the Missile Tech is out of state, and Soul Patch quickly guesses that if he's working with ImhoTerror, he's probably in Iowa with the warhead. Buchanan asks about the informant, and Potato Face says that Miss Iletech was only able to tell them that the files on her boyfriend's computer are locked. Soul Patch says they need to send a team over, and Buchanan taps Potato Face. "Oh, I'm not a field agent. I don't do that," she blithely says, and starts to stomp off. Buchanan stops her, saying she's the only one who can get the files. Well, of course she is. Lispy Skip is only good for regaining control of 97 nuclear power plants and hacking into the MacGuffin and a locked hard drive over the phone; the only way to get these files is to send Potato Face in person. I guess I shouldn't complain, given the likelihood that this is going to get her shot at. She stands there with her mouth open, looking between Soul Patch and Buchanan in disbelief as the latter says, "I'm giving you an order. Go." It's 1:50:02.

1:54:24. A CTU sedan plies the streets of L.A., the warhead is still being fiddled with, and Lispy Skip's on the phone. Potato Face is on the other end, riding in the back seat of the only CTUmobile in the motor pool that's not an SUV. She's throwing stress at him about some technobabble, and he throws it right back about some protocol, and after she gets her way on absolutely everything, she says, "I hope you don't give me so much resistance next time." I'll give you resistance, lady. Skip interprets her bitching as a manifestation of her nervousness (how he differentiates that from her normal bitching is beyond me), and tries to reassure her. Potato Face whines about the assignment. Skip says that while she was prepping, he asked Buchanan if he could go instead, but Buchanan refused, saying Potato Face is "the best analyst we have. He's right," Skip finishes. "I know," says an eye-rolling Potato Face, and disconnects. Skip also hangs up, but unwisely fails to pull his phone cord out of the wall.

Potato Face's CTUmobile is already pulling up in front of Casa Missile Tech at 1:55:14. She and the two mute agents in the front seat get out, and they're quickly met in the front yard by Miss Iletech, who's changed into a pink track suit for her late-night company. She lets them in, and Potato Face thanks her for her hospitality by briskly announcing that her wingmen will need to search the place. No warrant needed, I guess. Potato Face sits down at the computer to make sure the files are locked, and Miss Iletech confirms it with a stream of technobabble. Off Potato Face's look, Miss Iletech explains, "I have a doctorate in computer science." But Potato Face is supposed to know more than she does? I can't believe Potato Face also has a doctorate, because if she did, she'd constantly insist on being addressed as "Doctor Potato Face." Potato Face says they can probably decrypt it, and puts Miss Iletech to work writing down potential passwords. Before she gets too far, there's a loud thump from the other room. "What was that?" says Miss Iletech. The closed-captioning quotes one agent as calling Potato Face's name, but on my screen he just gets shot and goes down.

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