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Held Up

On her way back to the DrisCube, Curtis tells her he found Kiefer. It seems the Defense Department called to complain about someone at CTU stealing satellite bandwidth -- namely, Potato Face. Way to cover your tracks there, Potato Face. After spending more than an hour trying to get satellite coverage in the first place, you got busted after less than ten minutes of using it. "Potato Face," Driscoll calls, "why are you logged into an active DoD satellite?" Potato Face's brain goes into vapor lock as Driscoll and Curtis loom over her. "All right, you're done here," Driscoll says. "Whatever. I was going to quit anyway," says Potato Face. Hee. Driscoll says Potato Face isn't being fired; she's being arrested. Driscoll orders Lispy Skip to lock down Potato Face's system and take over her files. Skip complies. And now Driscoll tells Potato Face to call Kiefer. After crashing a satellite down on Curtis's head, she reluctantly dials the number.

Kiefer makes a "what now?" face as he answers his phone. "Driscoll wants to talk to you," Potato Face says. Kiefer's confused, but he quickly rallies when he hears Driscoll say, "Hello, Kiefer." He's all, "Hey, boss! I've got some information for you," but Driscoll cuts him off. Kiefer points out that VVH is free and looking for a car and a phone, and when he finds them he's going to lead them all to DaD. Driscoll gives the order to have VVH brought in, now that Kiefer's given them his location and they can track him by satellite. Kiefer bitches that if VVH is brought in, "everything I've done over the last two hours will mean nothing." That's still less time than he wasted in Season Three. "I'm glad you finally figured that out," Driscoll snaps, and hangs up. Then she orders the arriving Redshirts to escort Potato Face to holding. No vacant office for her, I guess. Gotta shoot a guy to get that treatment. Driscoll finds out from Lispy Skip what the satellite is showing: VVH is flagging down a vehicle.

A guy in a screaming yellow pickup has pulled over onto the shoulder and offers VVH some help. VVH responds by totally Grand Theft Auto-ing the guy out of his truck, kicking him unconscious, and relieving him of his wallet and cell phone. After confirming that the phone's getting a signal, he tears off.

The folks at CTU observe this on the satellite screen at the rate of a frame every two seconds or so. Driscoll finally does something right by ordering her people to listen in on every cell phone call carried by the cell tower in that area to see if VVH contacts someone.

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