Day 4: 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

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Held Up

Kiefer is still busy herding VVH and the rest of the customers into a back corner of the store, where he orders them to lie down on the floor and then hand over their wallets and cell phones. Items slide across the floor toward Kiefer. VVH claims not to have a cell phone, but Kiefer's not having it. Which he can get away with, because in California, even people who have to buy a tank of gas with a bucket of change have cell phones. He kicks VVH in the chest, and while VVH is doubled over Kiefer grabs VVH's phone and "finds" his gun. Kiefer continues to play his part, asking if VVH is a cop or something. VVH claims he carries the piece for "protection." Surprisingly, Kiefer doesn't give up the charade and let the terrorist go. So suspicious, that guy. VVH's gun goes in Kiefer's messenger bag with the rest of the loot. Kiefer gets the store keys from the cashier, an unironically trucker-hatted fellow named "Doug." ["Who I believe was in Sling Blade, so he gets a pass on the hat. This time." -- Sars] He shuts down the power and locks the doors, taking only a second to pleasantly turn away a would-be customer and flip the "Closed" sign in the window. He checks to make sure none of the customers is, as hold-up artists say, "getting any funny ideas" across the store from him, and pulls out his cell for a frantically whispered talk with Potato Face. Kiefer says he's holding up a "Mercury Mart." Nice of the writers to show a little imagination, naming the store after the appropriate mythological character, but at the same time, they'll never get work naming actual shops as long as places like "Pump N Munch" and "Kum & Go" exist (and no, I'm not making those up). Anyway, Potato Face is going to need another ten minutes to get the satellite ready. "Son of a bitch," Kiefer hisses. He miserably begs Potato Face to hurry.

As Potato Face hangs up, Curtis calls her in to a briefing. She promises to be there in a minute. "Potato Face," Curtis says, "now." Potato Face gets up, barely remembering to go back and close the windows displaying her illegal satellite activity. On the way to the briefing room, Curtis is waylaid by Aisha, who excitedly asks if she should be in on the briefing he's going to. Lady, you're a temp. If anything needs to be briefed, it's the scenes you're in, if you get my drift. When Potato Face catches up, Aisha snags her too, introducing herself and being all, "And you are…?" Curtis extracts them and they're on their way. "It's nice to meet you," Aisha says to Potato Face as they peel off. I'm thinking she's just as socially warped as Potato Face, just in the opposite direction.

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