Day 4: 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

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Held Up

Kiefer's still standing in the Food -n- Fill, and he's still got the deputy's radio, which puts him on kind of an awkward position when it starts squawking about a bank robbery in progress. So now Kiefer's not only guilty of armed robbery, assault, and kidnapping, he's also indirectly aiding and abetting another robbery somewhere across town. Dandy. Kiefer runs back to the cooler and holds the radio up to the cuffed cop's face, telling him to answer it and threatening to kill him for "one wrong word." The cop starts to, but Doug yells, "Help! We're being robbed!" Kiefer backhands Doug across the face. Good thing he didn't threaten to kill Doug, because right now that would be a little awkward. VVH tells Kiefer, "Now's your chance to let us go before the cops get here." Kiefer tells VVH to shut up. He turns to the cop. "These people are your responsibility. You'd better start talking to them." He leaves them all in the cooler again. I have no idea what he meant by that. It's 10:30:41.

Driscoll meets Special Agent Breck in the hallway at CTU, and learns that Potato Face has yet to betray herself. Driscoll wonders if Potato Face has drafted someone else inside CTU to help her. Special Agent Breck wonders how much of her attention she's supposed give to this project. "I expect you to walk and chew gum at the same time," Driscoll says. And also construct a working scale model of the Sydney Opera House out of empty yogurt cups while mentally calculating Lispy Skip's specific gravity and reciting Paradise Lost in Urdu, apparently. Maybe it would be easier on everyone if some of these other CTU extras were given something to do. Or, you know, a line occasionally.

Special Agent Breck passes behind Lispy Skip's chair and spots what looks like a satellite display on his monitor. Because that's what it is. Lispy Skip doesn't exactly play it cool, because he's not normally cool anyway, and suddenly getting cool would constitute a very large red flag on his part. Special Agent Breck seems a little suspicious anyway, but she's reassured when Lispy Skip suggests that she call Division if she thinks he's doing something wrong. Now that he's won her confidence back, she asks him to let her know if he sees any indication that Kiefer has been in touch with Potato Face. He agrees, then barely remembers to act confused by the request.

Potato Face, back at the Archives terminal she's using, calls Lispy Skip to ask what Special Agent Breck wanted. "She wants to nail you to the wall and take a piece out of me, too," Lispy Skip says. He reminds her of their deal. She reminds him that she came up with the deal, so he doesn't have to remind her. So now I don't have to remind either of them. Skip's still working on the satellite repositioning. They hang up all pissy with each other.

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