Day 4: 12:00 AM – 1:00 AM

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I Got the Digits

Buchanan is in the CTU conference room with Bitchelle and Soul Patch (who's "heading up tactical," which is sad for Curtis. First he gets passed over for a temporary promotion, then he loses his regular job. No wonder he's been vanishing lately). They explain about NotEricMurphy and how they hope to use him to catch ImhoTerror. The Veep wants Bitchelle to say she's confident that they'll catch ImhoTerror before he strikes again, but Bitchelle won't commit to anything. The Veep snaps at her and whines, "We need to get control of the situation." PHMC is staring at the Veep throughout this scene as though he's working for a ticking time bomb. And indeed, the ticking is getting louder as the Veep says, "I can't run the government from down here indefinitely, but I'm not going upstairs until it's safe." PHMC cuts in before his boss can embarrass himself further, recommending that they let CTU get back to work. The Veep glares, then agrees, and Buchanan ends the call. "Let's get back to it," Buchanan says. But on his way out of the conference room, Soul Patch stops him. "Wait a second… Does anybody else feel uneasy about what we just heard?" Soul Patch says the President is supposed to exude confidence, not fear. Bitchelle doesn't say anything, but she obviously agrees. Buchanan says to give the Veep time, but Soul Patch says, "We don't have time." Which is funny, because he's taking the exact same position that Special Agent Breck took against him a few episodes ago when Driscoll was acting all distracted in the wake of DrisKid's death. What do you suggest, Soul Patch? Invoke the 25th from the conference room? Before we get an answer, Potato Face enters with the news that a traffic cam has picked up NotEricMurphy, who seems to be headed towards the coast. Bitchelle says she wants Curtis running point on the takedown, and Buchanan clarifies that he wants Curtis to hang back until they know who NotEricMurphy is meeting. Then he leaves Soul Patch and Bitchelle alone in the room to stare lustfully at one another for a while. It's 12:12:22. Don't worry, the satire's coming later.

12:16:44. NotEricMurphy drives coastward, Soul Patch wanders the CTU floor, Kiefer's still in the air, and ImhoTerror glowers in the back of his van. I guess he's sitting back there so traffic cams don't spot him, but he looks pretty uncomfortable perched on his milk crate or whatever. At CTU, Soul Patch approaches Bitchelle and makes this little speech: "I was out of line a couple of hours ago about you and Bill. It's your life and I've got no reason to judge you." He goes on to say -- not meeting her eyes in order to conceal the sneaky glint in his -- that he'd like to "leave the past in the past and move on." Failing to see through his suspiciously hangdog expression, Bitchelle lies that that sounds good. Soul Patch wanders off, satisfied that his little trap is set. Buchanan has of course witnessed the whole scene from across the floor. Lispy Skip comes up to report that Curtis is getting set up near the marina. Soul Patch offers to run point, but Bitchelle says she and Buchanan will take care of it, although they want Soul Patch in on it for his tactical expertise. Soul Patch peels off to have Lispy Skip set up the live feed to the conference room.

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