Day 4: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

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Welcome to the TerrorDome

DoDder gets off the phone and starts towards the chopper. As she tries to pass Kiefer, he takes her hand and she stops. She's having trouble maintaining eye contact. I hope it's because she's realizing how shitty she's been to him. From some distance off, DaD notices this bit of business. And remember, as Kiefer said in the premiere, DaD is a very perceptive man.

12:19:39. At CTU, Curtis frowning at his computer monitor. He's trying to watch the MarineDome channel so they can go through all the stuff recovered from the Terrorists. But, as he explains to Driscoll, Division is hogging all the bandwidth because now that DaD's safe, CTU is the red-headed stepchild or something. AIIIEEEE!sha swoops in with a CD-ROM that will fix everything by giving them access to the FBI's feed. "How did you get that?" Driscoll asks, while Curtis glares suspiciously. With the security clearance you signed off on for her an hour ago, maybe? AIIIEEEE!sha claims she used to temp at the FBI and still has friends there. I find that hard to believe. Unless by "friends" she means "people I have by the scrotum." Before leaving, Driscoll tells AIIIEEEE!sha to set it up. As AIIIEEEE!sha leans in to install her no doubt contraband software on Curtis's computer, she says she doesn't know what Curtis's problem is: "Because I'm ambitious? Okay, I'm ambitious." If by "ambitious" she means "unbelievably irritating." Curtis mentions the whole sleeping-with-him-for-her-career issue, and she denies it. She did it because she was hot for him. "I still am. Deal with it." If by "it" she means "the fact that you are doomed to be devoured alive by my evil, voracious cooter."

12:20:56. TerrorDad's watching Fox News: The News Network for Terrorists. The news of DaD's rescue is breaking, but TerrorDad's not exactly crying over spilt milk. He's at home on the phone, expressing his hope that "our good fortune will continue." TerrorTeen's confused, since the way he sees it, everything's gone to shit and he "killed" his girlfriend for nothing. Sure, TerrorTeen, it's all about you. Try looking beyond yourself for one minute and considering how your parents plan to kill millions of people. That doesn't just happen, you know. TerrorDad explains that the trial was only the "first step," and "there were certain things that your mother and I decided to keep from you." TerrorTeen demands to know what's going on, and TerrorDad is about to start ripping a strip off the kid when someone rings the TerrorDoorbell. TerrorDad sends TerrorTeen to peer through the window. At 12:22:10, TerrorTeen says it's someone named Tariq (although my closed-captioning insists it's "Terrick"), and he wants to know what Tariq is doing there. As the guy (a Poor Man's Antonio Banderas) comes in, he embraces both TerrorMen. Tariq says that "Marwan" told him that since TerrorTeen "took care of" Deaddie, he'll need help getting rid of the body. Oh, so Tariq is the radical-militant Islamic version of Harvey Keitel's character in Pulp Fiction. I guess that makes him Wahabist Wolf. TerrorDad and Wahabist Wolf look at each other seriously. It's 12:23:04.

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