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Welcome to the TerrorDome

Kiefer notices Team DoD's tete-a-tete across the floor, particularly DoDder's distressed expression when DaD leaves. She looks at Kiefer, and he quickly looks back down at his work, like the awkward guy he is when he doesn't have anything to shoot at. And DoDder's off to the clinic. Hey, maybe a bomb will go off while she and DrisKid are both in there, solving most of our problems all at once.

Curtis has been busy. The NTSB has finally noticed that one of the train crash victims had a bullet in his chest and half a pair of handcuffs attached to his wrist. As Curtis runs a little ad hoc AV demo on the big screen, he explains that the late Briefcase Man had no ID, and his face and fingerprints aren't on file anywhere. So he was grown in a vat? Maybe he came with the Briefcase. Curtis goes on to say that a witness on the train saw the Briefcase, which he thinks is the same one found at the MarineDome. He further reports to Driscoll that the MotherFucking Briefcase bears the initials MF, which is the logo of a defense contractor called MacGuffin Factories. No, not really, but it might as well be. Curtis contacted MacGuffin Factories' CEO, but he won't tell CTU anything. Because obviously the company is going to be incredibly secretive about something that they're willing to send on public transportation. They won't discuss it without special clearance from the Department of Defense. Shit, man, how are they going to get that? Oh, right. They'll ask DaD. He's probably feeling pretty generous right now. Driscoll asks for printouts of everything.

12:31:36. TerrorDad is watching Fox News again, and looking extremely despondent. I would be too if my TV were stuck on that channel. TerrorMom arrives to report that Deaddie's mom went home, and even if she calls the cops it'll be "too late." TerrorDad sadly says that "the trial was cut short, but it served its purpose." Furthermore, even if the authorities search the warehouse and figure out the TerrorPlot, "it's too late to stop it." Why's TerrorDad in such a funk, then? He doesn't answer. So then where's TerrorTeen? Well, he went to bury Deaddie. With Wahabist Wolf. The very mention of Tariq's name fills TerrorMom with dread. "He's going to kill our son," she moans. "Yes," says TerrorDad simply, without looking at her. TerrorMom says she told the aforementioned Marwan that TerrorTeen had taken care of Deaddie, but TerrorDad says he figures Marwan "must not have been satisfied. He must have decided that TerrorTeen was a liability." TerrorMom tries to bring the recrimination, but TerrorDad comes right back at her. "What could I do?" he bellows. TerrorMom is still pissed off, probably thinking about that stolen Emmy that's going to go on the shelf next to her stolen Oscar. TerrorDad says that TerrorTeen "stopped being our son a long time ago…living here has changed him." Indeed, so many would-be terrorists have been de-radicalized by the lure of infidel poontang. "He's been like a stranger to us. He proved to me today that he no longer believes in our cause. Maybe he never did." Nice rationalization, dude. But TerrorMom seems to buy it. At least for now, because she collapses into his arms sobbing rather than coldly offering him a nice cup of tea. It's 12:34:25.

12:38:50. DoDder gets treated at the CTU clinic, DiCK's treatment appears to be over, and Driscoll treats her underlings to a little speech from DaD. The CTUers gather around and applaud happily. Of course they're clapping. Now they don't have to continue working nonstop until this time tomorrow. DaD gives a few simple, humble words of thanks, even alluding to possible bonuses down the road without committing himself to anything definite. A born politician. Although, tie or not, there's no reason not to tuck in his shirt. Unless his zipper's broken. Not that I've ever worn my shirt untucked for that reason. As for the towel in his hand, I can only assume that it's something he uses to control that major perspiration problem we've seen him display in previous episodes.

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