Day 4: 4:00 AM – 5:00 AM

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Out of Time

4:42:54. Bitchelle and Soul Patch are walking through CTU, going over last-minute logistics for the upcoming mission. Suddenly she stops him and says, "I can't spend another day without you. I'm ready to leave here…I'm ready to go with you." Quite a turnaround from nine and a half hours ago. If she has more to say, it's prevented by Soul Patch clamping his mouth over her face. They mack vigorously in the hallway, until he disentangles himself and leaves. "Be careful," she obligatories, and he leaves with a small smile, oblivious to the giant metaphorical target she's just pinned to the back of his jacket.

DaD and DoDder are up in his guest-office, which has been kept vacant all night. I guess Buchanan didn't need a place to sit or anything. We learn that the field team will be setting up a live video feed at the site so DiCK can identify his mystery dude from CTU, and then DiCK will be released. DaD admits, "His motives certainly weren't seditious." How generous of him. With that out of the way, DoDder can bring the conversation around to the most important topic on everyone's mind: DoDder. "I just feel so lost," she whines. "I know, sweetheart," he says with a paternal smile. Maybe one of Devane's conditions for coming back was that his "supportive dad" speeches to DoDder be kept to a minimum. Which is ironic, because he could kind of use one right now to help rehabilitate him after his treatment of DiCK. A flunky comes in to tell DoDder that Kiefer's on the line for her. DaD takes his cue and leaves her alone in his office to take the call. It's 4:44:26.

Kiefer's in the CTU helicopter, holding his cell phone to his ear. We hear DoDder on the other end saying, "H'llew." What, is she trying to get me to like her by answering the phone like TerrorMom? Too little, too late. Anyway, Kiefer's got some things to get off his chest. It's intended as a big speech, but it ends up being stuff we've known about Kiefer for years: "I never believed you could ever really love me if you'd known about everything I've done." This is why he left CTU and moved to D.C. "All I know is that you're back in it," she says, "and it's too much for me." Kiefer says he knows. He adds, "I love you. But this is how the job has to be done." I assume he means in the 24-verse (where torture works) as opposed to the real world (where it doesn't). "I just want you to know how sorry I am that it had to involve you and the people you care about." Especially Kiefer. He says she doesn't have to say anything, but he wants her to promise that they can talk as soon as it's over. Does he mean after 7:00 AM? Because that would actually be fine with me. She doesn't say anything. The agent riding in the chopper next to him says Kiefer's name, and Kiefer has to get off the phone without having extracted his promise. He puts on his headset so the Asian agent next to him who's not Agent Baker can point out their approach plan on the site schematic. Nobody cares.

On the CTU floor, Curtis gives Lispy Skip the composite sketch that the artist working with Dick came up with. Shit, man, that was fast. Curtis has Skip upload it to the field team. As he does so, we get a good look at the sketch, which explains how they were able to crank it out so quickly. Either CTU's artist sucks, or DiCK's describing skills aren't any better than his hygiene. I'm looking at that picture and, stubble or no, that's a woman, baby.

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