Day 4: 4:00 AM – 5:00 AM

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Out of Time

Anyway. Kiefer opens negotiations with this charmer: "You and I both know all I want to do right now is kill you." But instead of doing so he says, "You win. I've been instructed to ask you what you want." Wait, no he hasn't. Palmer just told him to "do your best." But I guess that one of the many advantages of being Kiefer is that you can interpret your orders pretty broadly. ImhoTerror says that what he wants is already happening. Kiefer snarks, "The death and destruction of innocent life is a means to an end. Why don't we just skip to the end?" "The end?" ImhoTerror asks. He seems genuinely confused. And I can't blame him. Ends don't really seem to be his thing. This is a guy who crashed a train so he could steal a briefcase so he could kidnap and try the Secretary of Defense live on the internet so he could melt down 104 nuclear reactors so he could steal a stealth bomber so he could shoot down Air Force One so he could steal the nuclear Football so he could steal a nuclear warhead so he could launch it on a missile so he can do God knows what next. At this point I wouldn't be surprised if his whole master plan turned out to be a mere setup for whatever he's got planned for Season Five. Kiefer says that ImhoTerror did everything he did today for a reason: "What do you want to change?" ImhoTerror says, "I have no interest in having a political discussion with you." Burn! Kiefer says he has the ear of the President, and that ImhoTerror can make any kind of deal he wants. "Right here, right now, you have the chance to get what you want." He makes a persuasive case, but ImhoTerror says he already has: "After this day, every elected official and citizen of America will know that America can not intervene in our lives, in our countries, with impunity." Yeah, because 9/11 made us all kinds of isolationist, didn't it? "Besides," ImhoTerror continues, "your president sees me in only one dimension. Evil." "As you see us," Kiefer says with eyebrows arched. "Yes," says ImhoTerror. "And vulnerable." See, they don't disagree on everything. They kiss. Not really.

Lispy Skip's already running through ImhoTerror's cell phone records at 4:06:22. Just as Potato Face is tromping by, he flags her down to tell her that one of the people who recently called ImhoTerror was none other than one of our favorite dropped plot lines, DiCK. Remember, the Secretary of Defense's son who got tortured for three hours and never spilled anything useful? Potato Face asks who else Skip has told. He glances over at DoDder, who's still working obliviously through the pain, and says that so far Potato Face is the only other person who knows. She goes off to tell Buchanan.

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