Day 4: 4:00 AM – 5:00 AM

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Out of Time

PMHC enters the Undal Office and says, "Excuse me, Mr. President?" Both Palmer and the Veep turn to look at him. Heh. PMHC says the Speaker is stirring shit up. The Veep wins my heart by saying, "That's too bad. We have more important things to worry about at the moment." PMHC insists that the Speaker can make problems. Palmer steps in to back up PMHC, because there's nothing Palmer loves more than getting distracted from the real threat in order to waste time with some internal problem that might undermine his authority. He says of the Speaker, "Now that he's next in line for the Presidency, he'll look to exploit any angle he can." The Veep doesn't think that the Speaker would sacrifice national security to further his own ambition, but Palmer says that the Speaker sees the two as "one and the same." Hey, that sounds like someone I know whose initials are B and N with an "ush Administratio" in between. The Veep asks what to do. "Show him who's in charge," says Palmer. See, this is what always bugged me about Palmer storylines. If they couldn't figure out a way to have him dealing directly with the threat, he was always getting sidetracked by some stupid tangent just for the sake of giving him something to do in every episode. We never had that problem with Keeler. If Keeler wasn't addressing the main threat, we didn't see him, and that's how it ought to be, I think. Get well soon, Keeler. It's 4:23:45.

4:28:12. DoDder watches from the observation room as DiCK gets set up to be interrogated; so does Curtis, from behind the AV console; and DaD's back in the building as if he never left. Kiefer joins Curtis and DoDder in observation, and Curtis tells him that everything's ready. Looks like the bird-faced AV guy finally went home for the night. "Let's do this," Kiefer says. By which he uncharacteristically means, "You do this." He lets DoDder into the room with her brother.

DiCK immediately starts expostulating with her, but she doesn't have time. She shows him one of the intelligence photos of ImhoTerror and asks what he knows about the man. That would be nothing, he says. DoDder says CTU has proof that he called ImhoTerror at 4:00 last Tuesday. He insists he doesn't know ImhoTerror, or anything else for that matter. This I can believe. She reminds him about the missile, and asks why he made the call. He insists he didn't.

DaD joins Kiefer in the observation room. Kiefer says, "We decided to let DoDder talk to him first. They just got started." DaD asks if DiCK has confessed to anything yet. Kiefer says no.

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