Day 4: 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM

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5:19:12. Out on the floor, Special Agent Breck is trying again to get through to Curtis's cell phone. Which is of course at the Rocklyn Building, ringing in the hands of Poor Man's John Malkovich, who asks Ali what they should do. "Nothing," says Ali. "Let them wonder where he is. By the time they realize what's happened, it will be too late." I like how that actor isn't all evil and cackling; he's just doing his job. ["I want this actor to get more work. He's hot, and he was really good on a Without a Trace episode from, I think, the first season of that show." -- Sars] He checks his watch and tells Poor Man's John Malkovich to go see how the henchmen are doing with Curtis's body. Poor Man's John Malkovich leaves so Ali can go back to watching evacuation coverage on a fake cable news network. No, not Fox News this time.

Poor Man's John Malkovich heads back to the vacant office where he last saw Curtis, except now the door is ajar and his two thugs are lying dead on the floor. He calls Ali (who's watching the disaster with a faint smile on his face, probably wishing for popcorn) to break the news. He's got his phone in speaker mode, so he's holding it away from his head like a walkie-talkie. I suppose that's so Curtis can overhear both sides of the conversation in the event he's hiding within earshot. What a considerate henchgeezer. Ali asks if Curtis has escaped, but Poor Man's John Malkovich assures Ali that since the door to the stairs is still locked, Curtis must still be on the 29th floor. "Find him," Ali orders, and hangs up. He then calls ImhoTerror to apprise him of this latest development. ImhoTerror wants to know if Curtis knows that the MacGuffin is just one floor above him. Ali doesn't think so, and furthermore, Curtis can't get to it anyway, since all the exits are covered. ImhoTerror tells Ali to "disconnect the hard lines" so Curtis can't call CTU. Ali agrees, then walks to a cluster of wires on the wall and yanks them out in double handfuls. Since I used to help run a call center and part of my job was connecting fiddly little back-room phone lines to installments just like the one Ali is now destroying, watching this makes me cringe more than Grayadder's torture. And now I'm appalled all over again. Curtis watches from a hiding place, and he takes it much better than I do.

Someone who isn't taking things at all well is, of course, DrisKid, who's being fractious. She's screaming at the nurse and the doctor in the CTU clinic. I'm pretty sure the doctor is a new one, by the way, the previous doctor having presumably been relieved of duty after nearly killing the boss's daughter. Maybe this one will be more successful. At killing her, I mean. As Driscoll arrives, he explains to her that DrisKid has a sedative in her but "she's fighting it." Driscoll asks for a few minutes alone with her schizophrenic spawn. DrisKid is freaking out in a big way, crawling on her bed and shredding her medical chart while Driscoll tries to calm her down. We've seen this before: DrisKid wants them both to go home, Driscoll can't because she's got stuff to do, et cetera. Finally DrisKid screams at her mom to get out. "You're such an important person. Go take care of your important business." DrisKid calls for the doctor, whom she pulls into a hug before promising to cooperate as soon as they get "that" -- pointing at Driscoll -- "out of here." "I'm going," Driscoll says all quietly wounded-like, as if the kid's never been rude to her before in her entire life. There's not enough whatever in the world.

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