Day 4: 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM

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5:41:39. DrisKid really needs to pace herself, ImhoTerror is doing his thing, and those cooling towers are looking less cool all the time. DaD's making his first appearance of the episode, pedeconferencing with Driscoll. "I don't want DoDder anywhere near harm's way," is DaD's only response to the incredible breakthroughs currently taking place in the investigation. Driscoll promises that DoDder will be safe. Which is kind of ironic, if you think about Driscoll's own daughter, which I of course don't feel like doing. They head into the meeting room for a videoconference with Keeler, whom they update on their progress. Keeler, still on board Air Force One, asks what happens once they get the MacGuffin. Driscoll says they'll have to use it to reprogram the reactors manually. Keeler asks if there'll be enough time to pull it off, and Driscoll can only promise her people will be ready. "I don't have to remind you of the consequences if we fail," Keeler says. Yeah, he'll never be able to land. End of call. But Driscoll's got a new call from the doctor at the clinic. DaD says he'll meet Driscoll on the floor and leaves her alone so she can take the call. The doctor says DrisKid's "acting out" again. I don't know why they think Driscoll is going to be able to handle the kid any better than they can. The doctor's saying, "If she doesn't settle down, we're going to have to move her to a private hospital." Gasp! Not a private hospital! Driscoll tells him to keep his pants on; she'll be right there. Because she has nothing but time to deal with this right now.

On the way there, at 5:43:25, Driscoll snags Special Agent Breck for a quick pedeconference, in which they establish the following: they still need the MacGuffin to stop the meltdown, Castle's men are in place around the Rocklyn Building, and Kiefer and Curtis are about to meet inside. Are you keeping up with all this? Because you never know when they might drop something new in. In this case, it's Driscoll's instruction to have everyone "ready and calm" in case Kiefer nabs the MacGuffin. Special Agent Breck returns to the floor to relay the order while Driscoll enters the clinic.

Where the DrisKid is putting on yet another display, forcing a nurse to drag her back into her room. It's more of the same between mother and child, except to an incrementally higher degree, and Driscoll finally loses her temper: "There are other people in this world and they have problems too. Now, are you going to get a grip on yourself or am I going to call Security and have them restrain you?" Call Security! Restrain her! No, wait, I just remembered what happens. Whatever you do, Driscoll, don't call Security. They yell at each other some more, and Driscoll promises for the umpteenth time that she'll take DrisKid home as soon as she's finished there. She goes back to work, and DrisKid goes back to pouting. I never thought I could be more tired of her than I was several episodes ago, and you know what? I was right.

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