Day 4: 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM

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You Down with EMP?

Out on the floor, all work stops as everyone watches Driscoll walk across the floor in silence. It's not an overwhelming show of support, but at least no one trips her. She manages to make it out the door before breaking into a little dance. The second she's gone, Soul Patch takes the floor for an announcement at 6:40:26. Looking pretty un-boss-like in his jeans, long-sleeved t-shirt, and stubble that must be a continuity nightmare, he says that he's not changing any protocols, but wants "updates from department heads every fifteen minutes. Other than that, I'm just here to support you." His next stop is at Lispy Skip's desk, where he tells that gentleman, "Before Erin left, she told me the one person I should rely on is you." Lispy Skip is surprised to hear it. It's news to us, too, Skip. Special Agent Breck looks pissy. Or maybe she's wondering if she's still going to get her raise. This office really needs a white-noise generator so people can't overhear conversations from sixty feet away. Soul Patch wants Lispy Skip to bring anything important directly to him. Swelling with pride, Lispy Skip agrees.

Soul Patch is barely ten feet away before Curtis swoops in to give Skip another assignment. Lispy Skip says he'll have to check with Soul Patch, but Curtis tells him not to worry about it. Soul Patch sees what's going on, and comes over to engage Curtis. The specifics aren't important, obviously; we've got a theme to convey here. Soul Patch and Curtis stand on either side of Lispy Skip's chair as they argue, while the subject of their disagreement silently looks back and forth between them, thinking, Could you guys just please take your dicks off of my keyboard? Curtis says, "We can't afford one analyst on this?" Soul Patch says yeah, but not Lispy Skip, and Curtis should find someone else. Soul Patch starts to walk away, but Curtis chases him down. "Are we trying to accomplish the same thing here, or is this about you establishing position?" Soul Patch says, "I don't need to establish position. I've already got it." Burn! Soul Patch sends Curtis on his way, then stops him: "Don't worry. I'm going to be out of here as soon as this crisis is over. In the meantime, I want the same thing you do. I want to find ImhoTerror." Curtis leaves without another word.

Hey, guys, I found him! He's standing in some dark alley somewhere when a car pulls in to meet him at 6:43:06. The driver, someone we've never seen before, gets out and says, "I heard you had a problem." Boy, this guy's in the loop, isn't he? ImhoTerror tells the dude that CTU got to the MacGuffin before the other plants melted down. "Well, at least you're safe," the other man bright-sides. "For now, ImhoTerror says, but now they know who he is and "they'll be tracking me with everything they've got." Other guy asks how that affects "our schedule," but ImhoTerror says it doesn't. "Make sure everything is ready at the Air Force base when I give the order." Hmmm. Air Force base. DaD was supposed to go to Vandenburg today, wasn't he? Obviously that never happened. Other guy says he checked in with everyone ten minutes ago: "We're going to make this thing happen," he promises. So keep watching, everyone! ImhoTerror reminds Other Guy to get in touch with someone who can get him out of the country afterward. "What about you?" Other Guy says. ImhoTerror says nothing, the better to let us hear the Plaintive, Vaguely Arabic Music of Martyrs to the Jihad. Other guy looks devastated. ImhoTerror embraces him, then sends him driving off on his sad way while walking in the opposite direction. What, he couldn't offer his boss a ride?

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