Day 4: 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM

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You Down with EMP?

The printer starts spitting out pages of encrypted gibberish for Grayadder. So someone's going to have to scan it or type it all back into a computer, which could take a while, even for CTU. Indeed, the unencrypted gibberish you're reading right now took me hours to type. Soul Patch messages Kiefer that "EMP is on first floor. Room 12." Kiefer dashes out to try to stop the EMP, telling Grayadder to meet him at the front of the building with the hard copy.

Young MFer walkie-talkies Old MFer to let him know that Kiefer's onto them. Old MFer, in turn, tells his security guys not to let Kiefer anywhere near the EMP, then arrives at ImhoTerror's area, where Grayadder asks him if everything's all right. "As you can see, we're having some problems with the electricity," says Old MFer. Actually, the way the lights are behaving, it looks more like the whole building is slipping into a wormhole, or some unholy beast is being birthed nearby. But then I've seen too many sci-fi and horror movies. Old MFer asks if he can see what Grayadder was printing. "Sure," Grayadder says. "It's just in the printer." Old MFer walks over to the printer to pick up a printout that turns out to be blank pages. Sneaky Grayadder! He reaches for his gun, but while he had his back turned Grayadder got a nice head start running out of the area, presumably with the actual printout secreted somewhere on his person. Whee! I'd just like to point out at this time that I started to like him two whole episodes ago.

Kiefer's also running through the hallways, but he pulls up short when he hears security walkie-talkies squawking around a nearby corner. He makes a frustrated face at being cut off from his goal.

It's 6:56:34 as Old MFer stalks the otherwise empty hallways with gun and flashlight trained at no one. He steps inside a print room and starts beaming his torch around, and we see that Grayadder is holed up in there. Before Grayadder can be discovered, Old MFer's walkie-talkie goes off and he decides to look somewhere else. Grayadder looks relieved, at least during the moments when the lights are on.

Kiefer tosses a pen down the hallway to distract and misdirect the guards he's trying to get past. They start walking towards the noise, not realizing they're passing his position until he leaps out at them and punches the bald guard so hard in the face that his lips kiss the inside of my picture tube when his head swings around. Despite Kiefer's employing his standard level of brutality in a hand-to-hand engagement, it takes him nearly twelve seconds to take out both armed guards. Getting old. Slowing down. Gun out, he makes it into the lab where the EMP is doing its thing. "My God," he whispers at it. He fairly quickly finds the button on the computer terminal that'll close the shield door, but the door is moving pretty slowly and that EMP is clearly building up to its noisy, messy, sticky climax. He throws his weight behind the door to get it to close faster. He lets out a howl as a flood of light and sound washes over him --

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