Day 4: 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM

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Out on the floor, Special Agent Breck is on the phone, looking like she just got some bad news. Which is a little confusing, considering what happens next. "I'll let everyone here know," she says, before hanging up. "Let everyone know what?" Lispy Skip asks. Special Agent Breck gives him the news about DrisKid. Lispy Skip, like most of us, is confused as to how this could happen: "That doesn't make any sense. She was being watched." It's times like this when I think that certain rivalries among the writing staff come to the fore. Not that I would know the first thing about the specifics of any such rivalries, if in fact any exist. But consider this: 24 by its very nature presents unique opportunities for writers to publicly point out really stupid stuff that happened in the previous episode. I would normally complain that that's my job, but there's plenty to go around. Speaking of workplace tensions, Special Agent Breck snaps, "I don't know, Skip, I wasn't there." Lispy Skip turns his bloody neck stump back to his monitor, thinking, Next time someone wants to wrongly torture her, I'm-a let 'em. For a second, it looks like Special Agent Breck is going to apologize, but she's got more important things to think about right now. Like her career. She heads over to the conference room where DaD is sitting alone. Hey, thanks for "letting everyone here know."

At 6:05:46, she approaches DaD, who wants to know where Driscoll is since "the President's about to come on." Jeez, you were just on the phone with him seven minutes ago. I suppose we taxpayers have no choice but to continue paying these exorbitant wireless teleconferencing fees due to our Commander-in-Chief's insatiable appetite for early-episode exposition. Special Agent Breck lies that "something terrible has happened," and breaks the news about DrisKid, saying the suicide happened "about fifteen minutes ago." Which is odd, because DrisKid was still alive twelve minutes ago. Stupid girl can't do anything right. Special Agent Breck would go on, but she trails off when Driscoll appears in the opposite doorway. DaD immediately jumps up to grab Driscoll into a sympathetic hug. Driscoll thanks him, then dismisses Special Agent Breck back to the floor. As Driscoll takes her seat at the conference table, DaD says she doesn't need to be at work. Driscoll insists that she's still needed at CTU (hey, someone has to say it) and she'll be fine until DaD finds a replacement. Ooh, here's a thought: maybe CTU should hire a regular night manager. One who would have already arrived, say, an hour ago. Would that really be so much worse than repeatedly letting national security crises be handled by people who've been awake for two days? ["And why don't they have an overnight team anyway? On non-crisis days, does everyone just…go home at 5 PM? Because terrorists…observe American business hours? Oh, why do I bother." -- Sars] DaD regards Driscoll with confusion and concern as the president's video conference call rings through.

Keeler congratulates Driscoll and DaD, and further exposits that the meltdown at the San Gabriel island plant is now under control. That'll be great news to Lispy Skip's mom, I'm sure. We're reminded that ImhoTerror is still at large, and the two men speculate on whether the villain of the piece is finished for the day or if he's got something else up the sleeve of his mock turtleneck. Driscoll's attention has clearly begun to wander. Hey, now I can drive home tonight without going three blocks out of my way to avoid the McDonald's, she thinks. POTUS asks Driscoll where they are on the search for ImhoTerror, and Driscoll makes reassuring noises with the same lack of affect she always uses when speaking to the President. "ImhoTerror's in Los Angeles and we will find him," she promises, thinking, Heck, I might go look for him myself. On Rodeo Drive.

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