Day 4: 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM

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Suddenly, Napster Doesn't Seem So Bad

Back at CTU, Curtis is questioning DiCK, who is describing the abduction of his father and his sister in much the same way that we saw it at the end of the last episode. Driscoll, watching, is interrupted by Lispy Skip, who informs her that she's needed out on the floor. Why? Because somebody has hijacked the entire internet and is now showing a webcast of DaD. Driscoll, Special Agent Breck, and Curtis follow Lispy Skip out on to the floor as they shrink into the upper half of the screen. On the lower right, TerrorTeen keeps trying and failing to collect the courage to make the worst breakup call ever while TerrorMom looks concerned in the lower left.

Kiefer gets the whole screen to himself again as, somewhere in front of him on the road, the V-VO-mobile gives itself away with a boisterous lane change. "There you are, you son of a bitch," Kiefer breathes.

An Arab-accented voice, speaking English, is ringing out over the CTU floor. It's typical nonspecific America-is-genocidal crap, but what's creepy as fuck is the image, which is three men in black, their faces covered by dark kaffiyehs, with DaD sitting or kneeling bound and gagged in front of them. After some of the footage of hostage executions that's been around the internet in the past year, this is chilling. And not necessarily in a good way. DaD's in his undershirt with a newspaper duct-taped to his chest. He looks uninjured as he stares clear-eyed into the camera, his face raised in Devane defiance. The masked announcer says that DaD has been taken into custody and will be tried for war crimes against humanity in three hours. "If he is proven guilty, he will be executed in accordance with our laws. Since we have nothing to hide" -- always a powerful statement coming from someone in a mask -- "the world will have full access to these proceedings." I assume he means by webcast, not in person. It's 9:00:00

Next on 24: Driscoll's pissed at Kiefer for breaking their deal, DoDder is threatened some more, DiCK either gets tortured or really whiny, TerrorMom encourages her son to break up with his girlfriend firmly, finally, and with a handgun, and Kiefer's doing something that involves a ski mask and a gun of his own. All of which will probably have actually happened by the time you read this, but I got a job to do here.

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