Day 4: 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM

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Suddenly, Napster Doesn't Seem So Bad

8:19:04. TerrorDad scowls, Witless prowls, and Driscoll mentally growls. Out in the desert somewhere, a couple of minions unlock the gated entrance to a terror compound. Yet a third van zips through the gates and enters the facility, which is being patrolled by dudes with machine guns. The van comes to a stop outside a building and DaD and DoDder, still bound and blindfolded, are dragged out. "(Grunting angrily)," says my closed captioning. They're brought inside a warehouse and forced to their knees, and their gags and blindfolds are removed. They have a frightened, whispered conference. DoDder asks what's going to happen. DaD doesn't know, but he knows that if they wanted him dead they would have killed him at DiCK's house. They figure DiCK is probably safe, but DaD tells DoDder that the kidnappers have no reason to hurt her and he doesn't want her to give them one. He tells her to do what they say no matter what happens to him. The kidnapping krew's boss, a Poor Man's Robert Davi, comes into the room. "I only asked for DaD," he growls. The head kidnapper says he didn't want to kill DoDder without the boss's permission. This only earns him a filthy look from Poor Man's Robert Davi, which is enough for him to order DoDder dragged to her feet so he can hold a gun to her head. After a moment's commotion, Poor Man's Robert Davi seems to recognize the leverage that having DoDder gives him over DaD, and tells his men to take them both away. It's 8:22:01 as the sweaty pair is dragged off. The sweaty pair of people, you pervs.

Back at CTU, Kiefer pedeconferences with Potato Face and gives her the news that Driscoll's put him back in business. Potato Face hopes Kiefer didn't rat her out, since she's "not in the mood for a confrontation." She has other moods? Potato Face tells Kiefer that only one Secret Service agent survived the kidnapping, and he's in surgery. The only other witness, DiCK, is on his way in to CTU for questioning. Kiefer asks her to keep him posted, and starts to move away. "Bad luck about DoDder being there when her DaD got kidnapped," Potato Face says, which is a surprisingly functional and sensitive thing for her to say. Kiefer stops in his tracks. "Yeah," he says. But then he's off to his car to "get my things."

Kiefer 2.0 is up in Driscoll's Kube, and he's not reacting well to the news that Kiefer's going out in the field with him. You know, after not being "in the field for a year and a half" and "illegally shooting a suspect" and various other hair-splitting objections. Tight-ass. Driscoll tells him it's the only way Kiefer will play along. Kiefer 2.0 reminds Driscoll that Kiefer's not in a position to withhold information, but Driscoll doesn't have time to interrogate him. And she's not asking Kiefer 2.0 to go along with this, either; she's ordering him. "Fine," Kiefer 2.0 snits, and walks out. Driscoll looks like she can't wait to fire Kiefer all over again.

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