Day 4: 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM

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In-fil-tra-tion. Ready? Begin!

DoDder's following Grayadder's gurney through the hallway to the CTU clinic. The docs try to shake her off, but she insists on making them stop rolling the dying man to surgery so she can say, "I'm here, okay? And I will be here when you get out of surgery." DaD is standing there with a "great, here the fuck we go again" expression. Or maybe he's going for "concerned." Hard to tell. Grayadder peers up at his wife, his expression unreadable through the oxygen mask on his face. So I'm free to assume he's thinking, "Screw you, lady, I've got Kiefer now." He's finally pried from his wife's clutches so his life can be saved, and DoDder and DaD are left alone in the hallway. She hugs her father. Over her shoulder, his expression says, "So bored with this."

Soul Patch and Bitchelle are giving Kiefer a little AV presentation introducing him to the guy whose name turned up in the decoded file: a chemical engineering professor at "Green University." TerrorProf is played by the guy who played Afrim, the shitty screenwriter in Bowfinger. I probably wouldn't have recognized him if I hadn't coincidentally thinking about Bowfinger earlier in the day, for reasons that are too boring to get into (much as Bowfinger is). But I did, and now I realize that the third-largest defense contractor in the country effectively sacrificed what was left of its corporate reputation and the lives of several of its employees in order to protect the evil genius behind Chubby Rain. I feel safer already, don't you? Bitchelle says they're sending teams to pick up TerrorProf now, but Kiefer, naturally, says, "That's a mistake." Yeah, he's perfectly willing to stand around and shoot down other people's work, isn't he? What's his job at the DoD, anyway? Recapper? He knows that ImhoTerror only hires people who are willing to die before giving up info. Soul Patch is like, yeah, but you got a better idea? Kiefer doesn't for a second (see?), until he comes up with the idea of sending in someone undercover. Can't believe he had to think about that, his standard default plan. Soul Patch makes a "boy, did I ever not miss this shit from him" face as he points out that there's no time to set up cover for a CTU agent. But Kiefer's talking about TerrorMom. Bitchelle points out that TerrorMom already has her deal and isn't likely to help them more than she already has. Seriously, TerrorMom already helped them find ImhoTerror once. It's not her fault they fucked it up and let him get away. Kiefer just wants a few minutes to try to secure TerrorMom's assistance. In fact, if he can't bring her on board by the time the tactical teams are ready, they'll do it Bitchelle's way. But Kiefer spells it out: "We either find ImhoTerror, or we will not be able to stop what he's planning next." Bitchelle looks at Soul Patch, who looks back at her like, "Yeah, remember how no matter who was in charge around here, we really all just worked for Kiefer? Good times."

8:08:24. Turns out Poor Man's Eric Stoltz, in his Air Force uniform, is waiting for ImhoTerror in some back alley or parking lot. Not an airfield, in other words, as I thought last week. ImhoTerror steps into view and sets a small satchel down next to Poor Man's Eric Stoltz, giving him directions to a nearby hotel. Poor Man's Eric Stoltz will need "his entire flight package, including clearance and identification codes." ImhoTerror says he'll get them, and both men leave. There are other random minions standing around too, but they don't do much else. Back alleys are becoming to ImhoTerror what the conference room is to CTU.

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