Day 4: 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM

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In-fil-tra-tion. Ready? Begin!

8:44:14. The folks at CTU wait for new developments, Kiefer looks uncomfortable in the back of TerrorProf’s car, and Keeler sits on Air Force One and looks forward to using all his fun new martial law powers. DoDder paces the floor outside the CTU clinic while DaD takes a much-needed nap. Or maybe he's just pretending to be asleep so he doesn't have to talk to her. I would. Yet another CTU doctor that we've never seen comes out of the operating room. He tells DoDder that Grayadder took one bullet in the chest and one in the abdomen. Right above the aftermath. I went back and checked the end of the last episode, and ambiguous editing leaves open the possibility that Old MFer got off more than one shot before Kiefer got him. Not that that explains why Old MFer didn't redirect his aim if that's the case. Anyway, now the surgeons have got one bullet out, but they're calling in a neurosurgeon from Cedars-Sinai to get the other one. I love that DaD's question isn't why they're calling in someone else (because the CTU clinic sucks and everyone knows it), but rather "Why a neurosurgeon?" The doc explains that the second bullet is lodged against one of Grayadder's vertebrae and they're worried about the risk of further spinal injury. Can we just pretend that we've already had the inevitable scene where DoDder weepily says to Kiefer of her quadriplegic husband, "He needs me"? No? Bleah. The doctor leaves with a promise to update them on any news. Bored, bored DaD goes to sit next to his DoDder as she says she didn't realize how much she still cared about Grayadder until now. DaD says, "I know this is terrible timing, but the President called and I have to leave." Whatever. He was snoozing when the scene started and his phone hasn't gone off since. I just wants an excuse to bail, and I can't say I blame him. DoDder looks upset at the prospect of being alone, but DaD says he'll be reachable and up to speed on Grayadder's progress. "I'm proud to be your DaD," he lies, and takes his leave. It's 8:46:16.

TerrorMom is driving TerrorProf's TerrorTaurus while the car's owner sits in the shotgun seat, holding his teeny-weeny pistol to TerrorMom's side. "Where are you taking me?" Kiefer asks from the back. "Shut up," TerrorMom snaps at him, then looks at TerrorProf to gauge his reaction. TerrorProf doesn't look all that impressed. The CTU agents and office folk listen in on the conversation inside the car. The CTU big screen also has a real-time satellite view of the TerrorTaurus in motion. "You look nervous," TerrorMom observes. "I wouldn't have contacted you if I felt I had a choice," she says. "And as a result, I have no choice," he bitches. "We do whatever we have to for the cause," she says, "so what's the problem?" "There's no problem," he lies. Uh-huh. If Kiefer's radar were working properly, and not jammed by the fear of a life without Grayadder, he'd call this thing off right now. But instead, everyone watches as the TerrorTaurus turns off the road and heads into a tunnel. Bitchelle instructs Poor Man's D.B. Sweeney to hang back to avoid detection, and now they're out of parabolic mic range. Potato Face tells the room that the tunnel is 400 yards long and that the car will be out of satellite view for about 20 seconds. That sounds about right, assuming TerrorMom is going around forty MPH. Nice to see that someone on the writing staff bought a calculator. Inside the tunnel, there appears to be some sort of construction going on, with crews hard at work. Appears, I say, for it's all a clever ruse. That got set up in ten minutes. TerrorProf instructs TerrorMom to pull over in front of a construction truck. She does so, asking what's going on. A couple of guys in day-glo construction vests, hardhats, and masks approach the TerrorTaurus and bundle TerrorMom and Kiefer out. At the same time, another guy puts a silver briefcase in the car next to TerrorProf, who's moved over behind the wheel. "From ImhoTerror," the man says of the briefcase. TerrorProf drives on. Kiefer and TerrorMom are loaded into the back of a white van at 8:48:44, and it drives off as well.

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