Day 4: 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM

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Kiefer to the Rescue! Um, Kiefer?

Kiefer marks this as he drives past, then pulls over at the next stop sign. He screws in his Lieutenant Uhura earpiece and goes around to the back of the Kiefmobile just as Potato Face calls to tell him that the satellite coverage is going to take a while, what with the current demand for it being pretty high. "How much longer?" Kiefer bellows into his earpiece as he unloads crap out of the back of the Kiefmobile. Potato Face says it depends, and asks for an updated location. "Suspect pulled off just past mile marker 31," Kiefer hollers. Damn, Kiefer, keep a lid on it, would you? I thought you were supposed to be covert. They can hear you back at CTU without the phone. Potato Face wants to know why VVH pulled off in such a remote location. Kiefer yells that he doesn't know and blows her off, which actually suggests to me that he does know. He disconnects and simultaneously closes the hood of the Kiefmobile with a slam that gets picked up by seismographs in Bakersfield.

As the two auxiliary thugs stand by, VVH drags Witless out of the car at gunpoint. He rips off the duct tape. I know that's stunt duct tape, because Witless still looks unshaven when it comes off. Kiefer scampers unseen along the slope above them, carrying what looks like a portfolio the size of a surfboard. He takes up a position and watches through a spy telescope as Witless takes a couple of painful body blows. Meanwhile, back at CTU, Potato Face has taken over the traffic cam attached to the bridge and is now pointing it at where VVH stopped his car. She watches in horror as Witless's beating continues. Kiefer's got a sniper rifle set up now, and he's watching through the scope. Potato Face calls him: "Kiefer, I'm watching this…you've got to stop it." Kiefer says if he does, they lose their chance to find DaD. VVH asks Witless what he told CTU. Witless comes clean. Metaphorically, I mean. He was a distant second behind DiCK in this season's Poor Hygiene Parade, but now with all the blood on him, he's…still a distant second. VVH seems satisfied, but gets in another vicious smack for good measure. "Kiefer, stop them, just stop them," Potato Face begs. Kiefer looks pained. VVH wipes Witless's blood off his hands and steps away to call Poor Man's Robert Davi as the other two thugs let Witless fall to the ground. VVH assures his boss that Witless didn't tell anyone enough to spoil their day, and never even logged in to their servers. and Poor Man's Robert Davi tells VVH to get to the TerrorDome already and have the thugs "get rid of the body." It's 9:35:27.

Potato Face is still watching all this, the phone clamped so tight to the side of her head that it looks like it's going to come out through her other ear. Special Agent Breck rolls up to ask a stupid question, and Potato Face blows her off. "Why are you so impatient with everybody?" Special Agent Breck complains. "Not everybody, just you," Potato Face snaps. "Now please go away." Special Agent Breck does, with a hearty "Bitch."

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