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Kiefer to the Rescue! Um, Kiefer?

Back under the bridge, VVH is getting ready to get back on the road. Kiefer tells Potato Face that VVH is moving and he has to follow him. Potato Face begs him not to abandon Witless to the thugs, saying that they'll kill him. Hey, I warned him. You can tell Potato Face wants to scream at Kiefer into the phone. Kiefer's ignoring her, running along the path back to the Kiefmobile. Then he stops and looks back in the direction he came from. VVH is back on the road. Potato Face watches in growing horror on her monitor as the two remaining thugs get down to the business of a serious curb-stomping. Then one of the thugs pulls out a pistol, aims it at Witless, and suddenly falls down with a jerk (I mean that his body jerks; I don't mean he falls down with Witless). His partner quickly follows suit under the second shot from Kiefer's sniper rifle. Kiefer rushes to his car as Potato Face asks Kiefer if Witless is alive. Kiefer says he is, and tells her to send an ambulance. "Get me the damn satellite coverage!" he roars in an "I just did you a favor and now you damn well better come through for me" voice. Kiefer's back in pursuit.

Back at CTU, Potato Face gets off the phone with the ambulance dispatcher, shuts down the illicit window on her computer, and starts walking to the restroom, her posture tight. "What's wrong?" Curtis asks as he passes, but she cuts him dead. She gets into the bathroom, grabs a few paper towels off the dispenser, and locks herself into a stall, where she proceeds to sob heartily but silently into the wad she's holding stuffed against her mouth. What? Why are you looking at me that way? I'm certainly not emotionally affected by this. Not me. Huh-uh. I'm just thinking about my cat that died two months ago. It's 9:38:06. Shut up.

Commercials. I said shut up.

9:42:31. Have we all calmed down a little bit? Good. I don't want to have to turn this recap around and go home. DaD paces in his cell in an artfully composed shot that features an assault rifle in the foreground; a drained Potato Face heads back to her cube, DiCK makes like Rodin's The Thinker, and the TerrorDome domes. And I didn't even get to use my new macro. DaD comes and sits next to DoDder, and whispers that she may have a chance to escape later when the terrorists are busy with the trial. DoDder thinks maybe they can take a chance before then, but DaD knows that they won't take their eyes off of him, but if she gets a chance, he wants her to take it. DoDder ain't trying to hear that, but DaD insists. He pulls her into a hug, telling her he wants her to live a full life and have a family. He doesn't mention Kiefer. She breaks down. She doesn't mention Kiefer either. I'm starting to think that maybe she's an asshole. Her dad may have less than three hours to live and she still doesn't want to tell him about her relationship? I would never hide something that important from my parents. I would never hide anything from my parents. I tell them absolutely everything. Nothing to see here, Mom and Dad.

Potato Face is standing there and ignoring her ringing phone until Special Agent Breck offers to get it for her. "No," Potato Face says, and grabs it. She tells Kiefer she'll never forgive him for what happened to Witless. Funny, she always seemed like the forgiving kind to me. Kiefer says he knows how she feels, but this the only way to play it. She says she's going to go rat him out to Driscoll. Kiefer says if she didn't believe in him, she would have gone to Driscoll already. "I can't do this without you. I need your help to stop them…are you with me?" Aw. Potato Face makes more potato faces and promises to call him back as soon as she has the satellite set up. Remember when Kiefer held Potato Face at gunpoint? Good times. It's 9:45:35.

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