Day 5: 1:00 AM – 2:00 AM

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Carry-on Kiefer

Kiefer's still watching his pet plane when he answers Audrey's call and demands, "What's happening?" Audrey explains. Kiefer looks relieved, but it doesn't really come across over the phone Audrey says she tried to kill Henderson, but couldn't. Kiefer says the only thing that matters is that she's safe. Especially considering what happened to the last person who tried to kill Henderson but couldn't. Besides Kiefer himself, of course. Kiefer asks if she's okay, and she sounds more convincing than she looks when she assures him that she is. So he asks for Curtis. Audrey hands Curtis the phone at 1:47:45. Kiefer tells Curtis to have Audrey brought back to CTU medical, where she'll be nice and safe in the bed right next to Bierko's. He also wants Curtis to tell Hayes not to let anyone have access to Henderson. Curtis wisely points out that only half of those requests is likely to be honored. "As far as Henderson goes, CTU is more interested in apprehending you than taking your advice." Kiefer doesn't really care. Does Curtis even realize how much 'splainin' he's going to have to do when he gets back to CTU? Whatever. Kiefer's next call is to Chloe and Buchanan, who seem vaguely relieved that Audrey is safe. Since their last conversation, Chloe has figured out that Kiefer's theory is correct; the plane he's looking at is a chartered diplomatic flight, and it's scheduled to leave before the end of the episode. Kiefer tells her to find out who's on board so they can figure out who's got the recording. Chloe says it'll be tricky to hack into the State Department servers, but she'll try. Kiefer also wants Buchanan to try to stall the plane so Kiefer can figure out how to get on it. After he hangs up, he spots another fuel tanker driving past. It's probably doing double duty after Kiefer blew up the other one. Kiefer gets out of his police car, throwing on his man-purse as he goes. He's going to disguise himself as jet fuel? No, his plan's a little more prosaic. He hides behind a car as the tanker drives past towards the plane, then he dashes up behind it and scampers up the ladder onto the top of the tank, where he squishes himself flat. It's 1:49:23, and it looks like Kiefer's life is going to be a first-person-sneaker instead of the usual first-person-shooter for a few minutes.

And now it's 1:53:45. Kiefer's fuel tanker is passing through security, a process that involves identification cards and soldiers inspecting the undercarriage with mirrors. Lucky for Kiefer they don't turn those mirrors on the overcarriage. Although with the way he's pressing himself down into the metal, he probably thinks they'd miss him anyway. The truck gets the all-clear, and Kiefer rides it onto the tarmac. As it drives past a parked luggage truck, Kiefer leaps onto the top of that vehicle, unseen or unheard by anyone. Or maybe they're all just too diplomatic to say anything. And then Kiefer's cell phone rings. Maybe this would have been a good time to put it on vibrate. No one hears it anyway, with all the other noise going on. The caller is Buchanan, saying that all of their efforts to stall the plane's takeoff (whatever those efforts might have entailed) have come to naught. Kiefer acknowledges, and asks if Chloe's got the passenger list yet. She doesn't; she's still hacking. End of call. Kiefer looks around and notices the conveyor belt conveying suitcases up into the plane's cargo hold. He's going to disguise himself as a Samsonite?

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