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Carry-on Kiefer

Audrey's trying not to pass out in the shotgun seat. To stay focused (and to answer a question I should have asked myself), she asks why Kiefer is certain that Henderson hasn't already destroyed the recording. Kiefer thinks Henderson is holding on to it for "insurance." He doesn't explain further, but the episode will in time.

Henderson is on the road in his latest stolen vehicle when his cell phone rings. It's Logan, with what is becoming an hourly inquiry from him: "Is Bauer dead?" Henderson says no, but the good news is that he's got the recording. Which, as Kiefer guessed, he hasn't destroyed. Logan asks what the problem is, and Henderson calmly explains, "Actually, I'm making sure there won't be any problems." He says he's keeping the recording for protection. Logan doesn't get it at first, but he finally asks, "Do you mean from me? That's absurd!" but of course his tone and body language are screaming, "Busted!" Henderson points out that it's a necessary precaution on his part, "As evidenced by Walt Cummings's 'suicide.'" "That was different," Logan protests, spawning an image in my mind of Logan picking Cummings up and hanging him by the neck with Cummings's own belt. Talk about suspension of disbelief, if you'll pardon the expression, and I wouldn't blame you if you didn't. Logan tries to assure Henderson that they're cool, calling him "Chris" and everything, but Henderson isn't impressed. He says the recording will be kept in a safe place, and will only be made public "if I meet with some...accident." He hangs up, and Logan looks pissed. Dammit, now I have to assign a Secret Service detail to Henderson, he thinks.

Kiefer's on the road in pursuit of Henderson, and believe it or not Chloe has already located their quarry on satellite in real time. Kiefer thinks it's weird that Henderson's only about three quarters of a mile ahead of him on the road, but Chloe and Buchanan assure him that as soon as Kiefer rounds the hairpin turn ahead of him, he'll be able to see Henderson's car for himself. "Hold on," Kiefer says, then clamps the cell phone between his head and his shoulder, turns off his headlights, and takes the curve at top speed. Jesus, Kiefer, pick two of those things, but not all three at once! Amazingly, he doesn't kill them, and when he comes around the curve, Henderson is right up ahead as promised. "Got him," he says, and hangs up. He hits the gas and turns on the headlights now, for some reason. But Henderson doesn't have time to do more than squint at the sudden glare from his rearview mirror before Kiefer totally Grand Theft Autos him off the road and straight into the side of some kind of barn. Henderson's car crashes through the outer wall and comes to rest inside the structure.

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