Day 5: 1:00 AM – 2:00 AM

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Carry-on Kiefer

But not as pissed as Kiefer. He yells at Chloe -- who's still on the line -- to confirm that Heller just drove into the lake. Chloe does. Kiefer drops the phone and rushes at Henderson, screaming, "Damn you!" Audrey is moaning, "Oh my God," because not only is her dad dead, her boyfriend completely forgot he has a gun. Kiefer is on top of Henderson, demanding, "How could you do this? This isn't about what you think is best for the country. It's about your greed for power. Today you have been responsible for killing an ex-president, David Palmer, and the Secretary of Defense, two real patriots." Henderson is just looking back up at him, creepily expressionless. Kiefer hauls him back to his feet and asks what happened to him. Henderson doesn't have an answer. So Kiefer puts his gun right in Henderson's face and demands the recording. "I don't have it," Henderson says. Kiefer screams, "Where is it?" Henderson says he's not telling, no matter what Kiefer does. Kiefer looks like he's seriously considering shooting Henderson in the face, and Audrey has an opinion on that subject. "Do it," she snarls from behind Kiefer, her voice angry and ugly. Kiefer works himself up to do just that, but at the last moment he changes his mind and fells Henderson with a savage sock to the mush. It's 1:13:47, and Henderson has again cheated death by not moving.

1:18:12. From his office, Logan makes a call on his cell phone and gets through to someone he addresses as Graham. "You need to cancel the action against Henderson immediately," he says. Heh. It's funny how right Henderson was. Graham's sitting in some fancy office with a few other guys, also in suits, who don't know when quitting time is. He's being played by Paul McCrane. If Nancy Allen and Kurtwood Smith show up in the next five episodes, it's going to be a regular Robocop cast reunion. Graham wants to know why Henderson gets to live, and he's obviously not happy when Logan tells him that Henderson is hanging onto the recording as evidence. "There's only so much I can do," Logan says. "Apparently," Graham snarks, setting up the relationship between these two in a hurry. Logan defensively reminds Graham that they've both made mistakes today, and Graham concedes the point. Besides which, he's more worried about a bigger problem than Henderson: "At least he can be trusted to act rationally and in his own interest. Unfortunately, the same is not true of your wife." Graham somehow already knows about Aaron's plan to bring FLOTUS into the loop on Logan's evil activities. How, I don't know. Logan assures Graham that he's "taken steps to deal with Agent Pierce." But Graham is still worried about FLOTUS finding out too much. "You must silence her," he insists. Logan agrees, and says he'll take care of it. Yeah, good luck with that.

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